Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WFMW - E-Cards.

Just a short Works For Me Wednesday idea this week:).

I've found that free e-cards are a quick, fun way to communicate with family and friends that are far away. Although I still do the good old post office route for birthday cards and the like, I like to use e-cards to just pop into a person's day! It doesn't take much and I must admit that I get a kick out of them... especially hoops and yoyo!

Go check out Shannon's blog for some more great ideas... and incidentally, this is her last week hosting WFMW. She's been a great host and next week another blogger is taking over and will do a great job I'm sure:)


Dot said...

I'm another Hoops & YoYo fan! I really like e-cards. Since I've had a computer my handwriting has only become worse and e-cards are so much more readable. LOL

Emily said...


i love them.


Jennifer said...

Yes, that phrase (from End of The Spear) really stuck out to me too. It showed that he really didn't want those indians to go to hell.

Another good movie you have to see is Fireproof. It is simply amazing! I think it is very good and God honoring!