Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Inconsequential Details About An Airport Run.

After spending a month here with the team, Myra flew home this morning. We do airport runs every couple of weeks or so, and it was time to go again this morning:). I made the comment to Krinny that you know we go to the airport waaay too often when we know exactly where everything is! Anyway, here are some random pieces of information about the latest airport run:

  • Getting up and going to the airport at 5 AM is just a wee bit early.
  • The food vendors on our street are actually up and cooking by 5 AM.
  • Unfortunately, pork-on-a-stick is not available at 5 AM.
  • Check-in gate H at Suvarnabhumi Airport was hoping with 147 passengers checking in. We passed each and every one.
  • American Airlines did not have a line, for which we were thankful.
  • Starbucks on level 2 made a killing off of our team. 6 people + need for caffeine = lots of moola.
  • People wear some pretty incredible weird things in an airport.
  • Ditto on the hairstyles.
  • Suvarnabhumi Airport looks very different in the morning light. We don't experience this much since most flights arrive/depart at midnight. By the way, it's pitch black at midnight.
  • Because of the early morning airport run, a nap may or may not have been taken at 4 PM.
  • It's so nice to sleep in one's own bed again!


Rachel Smith said...

You have been tagged. See my blog for details.

Emily said...

By the way, its pitch black at midnight... looks like some things are universal.

That's good to know. :)

:D Have a great day Anne Girl!

Anne said...

It totally shocked me to get on this side of the world and find that to be a universal truth:D.


Moving along now:D.