Sunday, December 13, 2009

Some More Various And Sundry...

I'm jumping on the ever popular bandwagon of delayed blogging by being fashionably late with these pictures from last weekend's snow:

My first snowfall in almost two years! After being in the tropics last winter (with my brain knowing what temperature it was supposed to be outside), my joy was endless as I saw the white stuff fall from the sky:).

My mom's rose bushes... um, minus the roses:).

Snow and my little car ~ two things I greatly missed in Thailand!


In other unrelated and thereby probably only interesting news to me, Nat is gone for the weekend to Iowa. Usually he is gone for part or most of the weekend to New Jersey, but in this instance I think he is a little bit farther away than normal:). He did mention to me last night that he has finished part two of his side of The Cliff-Hanger Series and is working on part three, so that should be posted soon!


As I sat in my church's service this morning, I was reminded again of how good God is to me. The pastor was preaching from John 6 about the disciples in a storm on the Sea of Galilee and it just struck me that God is there in every single storm. There's never a time when He is overtaken with the fear of "what to do." It sure was a good morning spent in the Lord's house, wouldn't you agree?


Becky said...

It was indeed! God's in control of every storm!

I just found it comical in the bulletin that this morning's message was entitled "Be Not Afraid" and tonight's message is entitled "A Reason to Fear" :) Gotta love the irony!!

Anonymous said...
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