Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Various And Sundry News.

As one commenter pointed out in the last post, my time has been taken up with a certain charming young man, in addition to all the other family members that came streaming through our house over the Thanksgiving holiday.

And you know what? That's ok:).

I really did enjoy having all my brothers, sisters and their families in for Thanksgiving though. It's very rare to get all of us together at once - hence the two group shots in the post below. We know to snag the shots when we can! Plus the rest of the family got to meet and interact with Nat... which they did very well:).

In the midst of family visiting, I started a new job ~ which has been an incredible blessing. God completely provided for me and I was -- once again -- overwhelmed at the way He orchestrated it all out. I am working at a bakery and catering place doing all sorts of things. My favorite part is interacting with customers. It's fun to get to see the "regulars" and to help out wherever I'm needed. The days are long, but are definitely worth it:).

The Christmas program at my church has also been snatching my time away, but it has been a great blessing getting involved with it. We took a break for several years of doing this particular program, so it's exciting to be actively involved with it again and to expect God to bring a couple of thousand people across our way!

There, I think I covered most of what I've been up to ~ family, finance, new job, and Christmas program:).

Well, I'm off to the races again! Enjoy your day:).

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