Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spontaneous Road Trip!

In the hopes of surprising Rebecca, I never mentioned I was heading out to the Midwest over the weekend for a quick visit. I assure you this trip was *quick* in a couple of ways: (1) we were only out there for three days (2) the idea popped into my head to go only last Tuesday (3) I somehow convinced my brother-in-law and sister to tag along for the weekend 24 hours before we left:).

My parents really were planning on going out for a visit, and when I found out I had off from work on Saturday (and I always have off Tuesday and Wednesday), I decided to ask off on Monday so I could go along with my parents. In talking with my sister Thursday night, she asked me my plans for the weekend and I told her about the trip. I mentioned how I was going to share some wedding ideas with my sister-in-law (who is in the wedding) and then jokingly said my sister should come too so I could have two bridesmaids in the same room to talk about plans.

I didn't think she would seriously say yes... but she did:). After talking with her husband, and me offering to help drive out with them, Friday morning they decided it was a go. This was the best weekend for them to take the 11-hour trip since they're both teachers and had off Monday. We headed out Friday night, and along the way I called my sister-in-law in the Midwest and told her *surprise surprise* that I was coming out. I failed to mentioned so were three other people, but knew my brother and sister-in-law well enough to know they would be so surprised and would love it:).

The expressions on their faces Saturday morning made it worth it all! They couldn't believe my sister and her family would travel all that way for pretty much 1.5 days. We had such a good time and, as I mentioned above, it was so much fun to see Rebecca's face on Sunday morning:). Good times!

We were crazy enough to drive through the night Friday night and then stay up Saturday night playing games, but it was so much fun to spend time as a family and to laugh:).

Two of my nephews ~ Trevor (7) and Andrew (4).

Trevor and his daddy (my oldest brother Jack).

Lake Michigan is right down the road and while it is so much more fun to be at the lake in the summertime, we still ventured out on the snow-covered lake and snapped a few pictures:).

The expression on his face is absolutely priceless! Trevor is autistic, but has grown in so many different ways. When he saw me Saturday morning he said, "Auntie Anne! You CAME!!!" as if he knew all along I was coming:).

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