Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why Hello Spring!

*Cough, cough*

It's been a bit dusty around here with all the lack of posting going on, ahem.

I'm not quite certain who to blame that on, but I have a feeling a certain charming man might be part of that reason.

Ok, I can spread the blame to a crazy work schedule and also to the fact that spring unofficially sprung the other day and completely lured me outside with visions of volleyballs and bare feet on a sand court. I must say, it did not disappoint and I was blissfully happy to play after a very l-o-n-g absence from my favorite sport!

Continue on, spring days! I have renounced my love of all things snow and hot chocolate.... at least, until next winter:).


Charity said...

Spring...volleyball... ahhh! I love both of those things TOTALLY! ;)
Anne, I came here from the YLCF courtship stories... I must say, you have a lovely story! I also read that you and Nat met in Thailand on July 31- which just happens to be my birthday!! ;) You have a great story (and i love your blog... =D)!
Praying for you as you plan your wedding and prepare for marriage!
Soli Deo Gloria,
Charity @ Her Price is Far Above Rubies

Anonymous said...

What's the point of having a blog if you don't use it?

At least post an update about your relationship, how your planning the wedding, updates, updates, updates....