Monday, April 5, 2010

Bits And Pieces.

You know, I'm noticing a trend here: every time Nat leaves on a trip, I decide to update the blog! Hmm, I'll have to work on that:).

Nat and a bunch of the preacher boys from my church are out at a preachers' conference in Ohio for the next couple of days. Is it ok to admit that I've experienced twinges of jealousy? Well, 'tis true. I love going to conferences and am really looking forward to a conference that will be held at Rebecca's church in a few weeks. There's something about getting away and hearing several preachers preach and then sitting back and marvelling at how the Lord connects all the messages together! Oh, it's going to be good! But for now, I get to look forward to Nat calling tonight and sharing what the preaching was about today:).

I did have a delightful day of doing little bits and pieces. The bakery was closed today ~ something for which we were all thankful! Friday and Saturday felt like marathon days since people ordered all sorts of food for Easter, so the bakery owners had the good sense to be closed yesterday and today:). I did get roped into teaching a Bible class this morning for the elementary students for one of the preacher boys who went away on the trip, but I had a great time with the students, which is always a plus;).

My original plan for today was to spend a good portion of the day resting (trying to shake being sick!), but the day was too beautiful and I felt too motivated to spend the whole day resting! Instead, I went over to a local greenhouse and after talking to the right person (finally!), I was able to order all the roses I need for the wedding. Nat's sister has graciously agreed to arranging our flowers into bouquets, etc. so I just have to get the stuff:). The neat thing is the florist at the greenhouse was so helpful in passing along tips and the best place to buy things like floral tape, pins, etc. Once again the Lord provided in a great way and all the praise goes to Him!

I must've been on a wedding frenzy or something because I also managed to get the guest list written out, well at least for my side:). A while ago Nat delegated that task to his sister for his side, so he's been done for a while now. I've been getting addresses from all sorts of friends all day and now I'm ready to address the invitations... except it's too early and we haven't printed them yet. Such a minor detail;).

There's still that pesky little detail of getting my dress ~ such a small detail! The florist asked me today if there were any beads or sequins on my dress and I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head when I said I didn't have it yet:). But that should be ordered soon and then I'll be down to one really big detail: pie shells. Being the non-traditional person that I am, I've decided to have pies at my wedding instead of a humongous wedding cake. My reasoning is two-fold: (1) most wedding cakes I've tasted were pretty but dry (making it pretty dry!) and (2) my dad absolutely loves pies so I figured this would be a good way to make sure my dad was satisfied at the reception:).

Nat and I decided to do a little wedding cake for the two of us, but if we have as many people at our wedding as we think we're going to have, then we better start making those shells! Of course it helps working at a bakery where I can get all sorts of techniques and tips from the bakers:).

No worries though. I still have 95 days to get it all done!


My Bright Corner said...

I think you will LOVE the preaching this year! Can't wait to see you!!

Kay said...

You could also have ladies in the church make pies.. like a pie pot luck for the wedding. My mom makes a wicked good pie :)