Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Standing Still.

A piece of American history drove by today - right through my small town of Emmaus.

I tend to be a little oblivious when it comes to community events and things, but as I drove through Emmaus today I wondered why people were lined up along the main road and all looking expectantly at the road. I figured it was too early for the various summer parades and car shows that come through our area, but I just shrugged it off and went home.

After doing some things inside my house, I walked outside to our garage to get the lawn mower when I heard a trucker's horn. Now I live on the busiest street in my town (which really isn't saying much although Wikipedia puts the population at over 11,000 people and we all know that Wikipedia tells the truth every single time:D). So when I heard the horn, I figured some trucker was impatient with the traffic. My attention was completely caught when I heard another horn join in, so I glanced over towards the road and saw a big rig driving by with an American flag draped across its cargo. My curiosity intensified when I glanced over at my neighbor's place and saw people coming out of their store so I walked over and joined them.

As we watched the big rigs rolls by - each one having at least one American flag on them - my neighbor said 28 rigs were a part of a mile-long procession carrying steel beams from the World Trade Center to Coatesville, a town about 40 minutes south of Emmaus. The beams originated from a steel plant in Coatesville and were being returned there from JFK Airport for what will eventually be a museum on the history of steel.

As each rig rolled by, the drivers honked their horns - not obnoxiously though. Patriotism stirred in me as I watched the trucks go by. Traffic stopped and for 10 minutes the world stood still... at least, the little world of Emmaus. And I was able to stand still too.