Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rain, Not Snow.

It's raining. I'm not complaining, just mentioning a fact. A friend at work and I were talking today about the ratio of rain to snow in inches and realized if all this rain was snow, we could potentially have 30 inches of snow. That thought made me happy, until my manager commented that we would both still have to go to work since we're within walking distance. Oh yeah:).

But it is raining, not snowing. For some reason, that makes me think of lists, but I'm not sure why. So here's a list:
  • I am happy to be at home with my husband, although he is in the other room diligently working on his Bible Institute course.
  • I'm grateful for a cozy, little apartment to call home.
  • We had some friends over after church on Wednesday and we enjoyed the fellowship so much (hopefully not enough to keep Amanda and her family up though!).
  • I'm terribly excited about going to the Bloomsburg Fair! My family and I have gone for the past 20+ years (give or take a few years!) and I knew it was something I wanted to introduce to Nat:o). We were planning on going today until we saw the weather report that used words like "heavy rains" and "accumulating" and "2-3 inches" all within the same sentence. That was enough to make us change our plans until Saturday when it's supposed to be sunny and 67 degrees. Bring on the funnel cake and sausage sandwich!
  • Bath and Body Works has come out with some incredible candle scents that have made me happy! This one is my absolute favorite! (And my husband loves it too:o).
In short, it has been a delicious fall evening that's just about to get better... we're going to have ice cream:o).


Amber Noella said...

Sounds so nice! I can't wait for those kind of days to be with my husband. When you were 16, you were a dreamer weren't you? I bet it's so worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

I definitely was a dreamer! And you're so right: it was worth the wait:).

Becky said...

Bloomsburg Fair!! I was just thinking about the fun time we had when we went a couple of years ago ;-) Hope you have fun tomorrow, and the Saturday crowd isn't too overwhelming!