Saturday, November 20, 2010


All week long I was holding my breath just waiting for that question to be asked: could you work Saturday? It came oh-so-close yesterday, but it was never asked!

My sweetie and I are enjoying a quiet Saturday together with no program, major plans, or (and this is the best part) work schedules! It's rare that we're both off on the same day since I work just about every Saturday and he works every Tuesday and Thursday (my days off) so we started this day off by sleeping in... which we actually accomplished! Now at 10:30, we're ready to start the day - IKEA here we come!


joy said...

Score any sweet deals at Ikea? We love to go there and browse around, eat the cheap food and let the kids play with everything. :o)

Anonymous said...

We actually did! Double set of dishes (just in time for Thanksgiving), some more odds and ends for our apartment, and lots and lots of ideas for future projects;o).