Saturday, February 19, 2011


It's a good thing my husband did such a tremendous job on communicating with the rest of the world about our Thailand trip -- go here to read all 44 entries-- because if all was resting on me, we would have a grand total of two posts.


My lack of posting is not a good indication of all that took place on this trip either. The days were packed with activities, laughter, and sitting in the presence of some great missionaries who have done things for the Lord and yet have the sweetest spirit of humility. I just never got around to telling ya'll about it:).

Being back in my beloved Thailand with my husband was so incredibly sweet! But the even sweeter thing was watching the Lord work in our hearts and open doors. I walked away (actually flew away!) from Thailand with one thought firmly etched into my mind: God's people prayed and He answered prayer!

Here's a quick recap:
  • visited two border towns and received an increased understanding of these towns
  • met with missionaries, printing ministries, and Bible schools who were all very knowledgeable about the region, people, and gave helpful insights into future ministry
  • spent two solid weeks with a missionary and his wife who are friends, role models, heroes of the faith, and mentors to Nat and I
  • had two weeks to ask non-stop questions of this missionary who very willingly answered our questions and directed our attention on things we didn't even think to focus on
  • reconnected with several dear friends, including April, who are all currently working with this missionary and his wife
  • read through a thesis on an unreached people group that really stirred Nat and I
  • received great, quality dental care for a fraction of what we would pay in the States
  • laughed, laughed, and laughed some more with our friends, including the two below:
(Me, Pookie, and April at the zoo in Chiang Mai)

  • visited the Golden Triangle (the place where Thailand, Laos, and Burma all come together):
  • and so much more....
We flew home on Wednesday, just in time to make it for services that night. While not at our best, we did manage to stay awake through the message:). It's been a joy to us to see how our church family has expressed interest in what the Lord is doing and will continue to do.

Of course, the question we're being asked the most is what the Lord showed us! We're excited about sharing that with everyone, but I must say our pastor is at the top of that list:). Nat's got a whole slew of things to talk with Pastor Roland about and as we individually talk with people, we'll try to share too.

For now, we're still battling jet lag and looking forward to having that done! It's 7:15 now and we're both about to collapse. The morning started for us at 5:30 which is a wee bit early, especially for a Saturday:).

Come on 9 PM!

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