Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hubby has written on his blog again, and has even made it official by putting his blog onto a new site: Williams Witness. Not to be outdone by him (who's supposed to be the blogger around here anyway?), I'm scraping together a poor excuse of a post. :)

Ever trying to live up to the vows we made last July 10th, Nat and I have shared a cold. *achoo* NyQuil, tissues, cough syrup, and lots of water have been my faithful friends between yesterday and today. Cough drops made their appearance too, although they have failed in bringing about the soothing relief the package boldly proclaimed they would. Rather than take up my grievances with the cough drop company, I chose to fight this sickness from the coziness of the recliner. My husband came home for lunch and was sweet enough to go to the bakery to pick up some chicken pastina soup for me. I must be sick if I'm willing to eat soup!

I was feeling decent enough to make dinner and even had some energy after dinner to go do the laundry. Now I'm debating between taking NyQuil or not, since it knocked me out for twelve solid hours last night! I have things to do tomorrow, but I'm weighing that out with the option of getting better. :)

Since I did spend most of my day sniffling, sneezing, coughing, and wheezing, I decided to do some research. I figured I needed to be useful in some way! We have a very exciting trip coming up in May that involves my dear husband graduating (yay!) and so we're turning it into a min-vacation since we'll be in the great state of South Dakota. My research included searching hotel prices, but then I was drawn to national park websites - namely the Badlands and Mount Rushmore. I've been to both of these places before, but I am a lover of history and so I spent some time absorbing as much information as I possibly could. :)


Here's some random news: the weatherman said we were supposed to get snow, but now the weather channel is saying, "no significant snow accumulation" which is a happy thought indeed. I for one would like to think spring is here. :)


In other random news, have I mentioned my growing affection for a place called Swagbucks? I recently had enough swag bucks to redeem them for (2) five dollar gift cards to Amazon.com. Using the gift cards, I only paid shipping for a book I've been wanting to give as a gift to a friend. I'm just about ready to redeem my swag bucks for (3) five dollar gift cards to Amazon.com and I already have my eye on what I want to get. :)


By the way, I've decided against the NyQuil. Maybe tomorrow night. :)


Alyssa H said...

Awww I hope you feel better! Something similar has been going around in our church, putting on me on the couch for TWO week between that nasty thing and this wisdom tooth situation. So yes, that makes two us of currently on the couch. :-) I just look like a chipmunk. hehe

Anonymous said...

Great to see a new post :)

Hope you are feeling better, colds can be a big downer this time of the year, especially since most of us are ready for nicer weather.

Here, today, in Minnesota, around the Twin Cities area, most of the snow already melted, but overnight, we had many inches of snow fall and it is still snowing ! I can no longer see the ground and the pine trees are blanketed in snow. What a lovely sight :) But, definitely dis-heartening for those who are ready for warm weather.

Feel better and maybe venture outside, a little fresh air can help to recover.

Alyssa H. said...

Hey! This probably seems really random but I was wondering if I could get your email address. I would love to keep in touch more, discuss Thailand, etc. :-) Mine is alyssamichelle.h@gmail.com

ladyfelicity said...

I've so enjoyed reading your recent updates! Life sounds exciting! (Well ... maybe apart from the colds - I hope you're feeling better now!) I'm praying you know God's guidence and blessing in everything!