Friday, June 17, 2011

Blessings And The Baobab Tree.

I've unintentionally started a trend: yesterday's post was represented by the letter A and today's post is represented by the letter B! Let's see how long this little trend lasts:).


In all reality, at first glance some of these were not instant blessings, but the Lord changes perspective! We've had more interesting experiences happen on this trip than any other trip (well, except that one time a group of 25 people -myself included- had to run 30 minutes through the city of Prague on buses, trams, and subways to catch a train!)

Wow, what a rabbit trail...

So in three days' time we've had:
  • a hair straightener die
  • leftover salad dressing spill in my carry-on and drench my mp3 player, slippers, and glasses (but not an iPad 2 or my computer!)
  • a bank card eaten by an ATM (we have low hopes of getting that back tomorrow)
  • two nights of no sleep from 1:30-3:30 AM
  • a shaver that snapped in half -too much pressure in those suitcases, I suppose!
But for each discouragement, we've had a blessing:
  • the straightener is under warranty
  • the salad dressing was cleaned up
  • we called our bank in America and no transaction surfaced on our account, so at least we know the problem is on this end, not stateside
  • we took something to help us sleep tonight
  • duct tape easily fixed the shaver (even if it does look funny!)

Before we came to Africa, we were asking the Lord to stretch us and grow us. I know, I know, don't ever ask the Lord for something unless you're ready to receive it! I really feel like the Lord is using all these little things to see how we'll react.

We took a little trip today to see a unique tree: the baobab tree. The tree grows on both the inside and the outside, so even if the inside dies the outside keeps growing. These trees can be several hundred years old and look a little intimidating!

I was thinking about this tree and the thought hit me that I could keep growing on the outside even if I "die" on the inside. No one would necessarily know and yet I want to be growing on the inside, not just look tough and alive on the outside!

All these little issues that have come up on this trip are to test us, to try us. Nat and I are both excited to see what the Lord is going to teach us on this trip. We've had too many obstacles leading up to this trip and so we know God is up to something. We just need to stay open and available to Him. Spilled salad dressing and all!

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Becky said...

Haha...I so remember that run through Prague! I thought I would never be able to breathe again ;-) Fond memories...

Sounds like you are having quite the adventure already! Can't wait to see what your "C" post will be about :P Yes, I am a Kindergarten teacher..I know my ABC's :D