Thursday, September 8, 2011


As I was walking home from church last evening, two of my neighbors were walking just ahead of me, chatting and laughing. I glanced over to the parking lot and saw small clusters of people talking ("dark and dreary night" is an apt description for last night!), parents getting their children into cars, and people driving away to home.

I thought about the message my pastor had just preached on holiness and the priority of having God's desires first. At the end of the service we also watched a quick video from one of our missionaries overseas and then heard a bunch of prayer updates on missionaries, Bible Studies, and those with health problems.

I had a chance to catch up with a friend who had been traveling out west and then came back just in time to start school again. Little snippets of conversation here and there, waving across the foyer to a friend, and hearing about the flooding some friends are having in their basement from all this rain.

As I walked home, I reflected on my church and just how much I love LVBC! My dearest friends are at this church. I really consider my church family as my family. As a church we have weathered storms, and I'm not just talking about all the rain we've been getting:). I love the camaraderie with my church family. I always look around the auditorium during the offering and just see who's there and who's missing. I love to see people I love serving the Lord - what a joy!

God's been so good to me and I am so grateful for Lehigh Valley Baptist Church. :)


Alyssa H said...

Those are my exact feelings for my church! And I think being away only increases those feelings because I realize what a blessing each person is to me. I would love to visit YOUR church one day! :-)

God's Blessings Photography said...

I know exactly what you mean Anne-girl! We miss LVBC tremendously for these very same reasons!

Kali said...

That's one of the many reasons I miss my home church!