Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Home.... But Not For Long!

It was a good week to travel... don't we look so happy?!? :D

I must say, this was one of the best trips I have taken with teens; we really had a great time:). We even got sleep on the bus, which is practically a miracle! It helped that the boys were in the front of the bus this time, so we didn't hear most of the noise;). The only down side to sitting in the back of the bus was the blaring music. Apparently you can barely hear the music up front because of the engine noise, so that means the volume gets turned waaaaaaay up until they can hear it. Bad news for the back because the level goes from comfortable to unbearable. Thankfully the Lord gave grace, especially when anyone had a headache. :)

The thing I was most concerned/terrified about with this trip was stopping the bus just so I could go to the restroom. I'm happy to report that I only stopped the bus once each time, going and coming! Of course I was at the front of the line for every other rest stop but that's just a given when you have an expectant lady on board;).


This week I reach the halfway point in my pregnancy! It has seriously flown by and I would like to know how to slow the days down a bit. :D I finally bought two maternity skirts, but I'm grateful I can still fit in my normal clothes. :) Peanut/peanutella has been giving some light kicks, especially when I'm going to sleep at night. We go in next Tuesday for our ultrasound appointment and we're looking forward to that!

As for preparing for this baby, we have exactly two things, both of which were given to us - a stroller/car seat combo and a couple of gender neutral outfits and that's it. :)

We are planning on leaving in just over a week for a 6-week trip (deputation #2). During this time, we hope to see some family and friends-that-are-like-family as well as being in some new (to us!) churches. Much to do before we leave, but we're looking forward to this trip and what the Lord has in store for us!

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Rachel said...

Peanutella!!! Hahaha... I love it! :)
Glad you are feeling well!