Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We Have Been Blessed!

Nat and I have often mentioned to each other how blessed we are to be a part of a great church family! This past Sunday evening we were reminded of that again. Rather than having a baby shower with lots of things and items that we would probably have to leave behind in a year, our church family generously gave us a money tree fellowship. It was so sweet... especially since it was a cupcake fellowship. :-)

We got a big kick out of the messages people wrote on diapers... I have a feeling we're going to need those laughs when it's time to change a diaper at 2 AM in the morning!

These next two photos are a little blurry; sorry about that! Anyway, they had these cute little pins for us to wear that said, "Mommy to be" and "Daddy to be" with an elephant on it and a peanut, of course!

Nat also really enjoyed the fact that we got to take home some leftover cupcakes. He's been diligently eating several a day, quite cheerfully I might add!

So we're all set for Peanut to arrive, at least --- we keep telling ourselves that! Today I finally packed a bag for the hospital and we grabbed some snacks while we were out tonight, so now we just wait. :-)


Nina said...

Aww, what an exciting time for you all, Anne!! :D I'll be praying for you...can't wait to see your little one!

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