Friday, September 14, 2012

Baby News.

My little baby is resting contentedly in his swing right now and I'm finally sorting through and catching up on e-mails... and blogging.

~Three days before baby day~

~Five days after baby day~

Little Paul Nathaniel was born September 6th after a very long day. Several things took place differently than I had expected and anticipated, including an emergency c-section. As they were wheeling me into the operating room, a nurse leaned in close and said, "all that's going to matter is you're going to have a healthy baby at the end of all of this." Such comforting words!

I'm still recovering from the surgery, but I'm pretty amazed at how the Lord has given me my strength back! My doctor was even happy when I saw her yesterday. :-)

Every time I look at baby Paul, I marvel at what a little miracle he is. Thank you, Lord, for my precious son!


Tiffany said...

Praise the Lord for a healthy baby and Mommy!

Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

Congrats, Anne and Nat!

And look at that dark head of hair -- so cute!!

Julia Woodfield said...


Rachel said...

Congratulations! Hope you continue to have a good recovery. :)

Anonymous said...

We follow your ministry, thus we follow your blog(s), and I have to say, 1) Praise the Lord for your son, 2) You look wonderful, 3) Repeat 1 & 2!!!! :O)

ENJOY every moment with him!

In Christ,
Loretta Smith
Hebrews 10:24

Emily Yesensky said...

He is so so cute and you look great Mama!!! I can't believe I haven't met him yet, and I hope I can before he gets huge!

Love you and miss you!