Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Blessings from the past week

~ only two days of language school! (This week we make up for it with four days:D)

~ a Sunday morning Bible study was preparation for the week ahead of needing patience (more later in an upcoming post)

~ going to the market and doing (most) of the speaking myself!

~ a great opportunity for my husband to have fellowship with other men, including two visiting pastors, during a day trip to a nearby province

~ ice cream from Swenson's... mmmm!

~ another Sunday morning Bible study and fellowship time with two missionary families

~ a visiting pastor graciously bringing our mail with him... and a few bonus items like Olive Garden Italian dressing!

~ after looking for two months, being able to custom-order seat cushions for our hard, wooden furniture in our living room (our house came furnished)

~ Paul having a great day at language school so I could stay in class

~ dinner with our neighbors and meeting another couple our age with children around our kids' ages 

~ a Skype video call with one of our dearest family friends back home

~ a beautiful hymn with the words "grace, grace, God's grace... grace that is greater than all our sins"

~ cool days and nights so we don't have to run the air con or fans

~ sweet giggles from my little boy

It's been a good week!

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Shirley Fenstermaker said...

Amen. Enjoying snow here. And very cold temps. It gives me an excuse to bake! Glad you all are doing well. I enjoy your snippets for the other side of the pond! Say hi to Nat and Paul for us and keep looking up!