Friday, January 10, 2014

Lessons Learned.

This week we had a situation arise that was a test of culture and humility. As we interacted with a Thai person on the behalf of another Thai person (cultural norm), the answer we were given wasn't quite satisfactorily to our minds. Nevertheless we saw an opportunity before us to respond with meekness and leave the situation in God's hands. "Lord, we're willing to do ___________ because relationships are much more important than _____________." So imagine our surprise two days later when things worked out exactly the way we were praying for them to work out! A true miracle, in our minds, and one where the Lord gets all the praise.

The second situation was a personal one for me. I've been struggling with learning the Thai language and while I could launch into five good reasons as to why I'm struggling, I'll just leave it at I was very close to throwing in the towel this week. Wednesday in particular. My husband and I were talking about it Wednesday morning and I was laying out everything with such raw honesty. I'm grateful my husband is always sympathetic and understanding, but doesn't think and respond with his emotions. :-) He encouraged me to go to school that day and had a lot of logic behind his explanation. As I anticipated, school was.... rough that day, to say the least! That night, we were catching up on some messages from our home church, specifically from the New Year's Eve service. A group of four men preached that night with our church's assistant to the pastor preaching last. He mentioned that he had one message planned, but God directed him another way about 15 minutes before the service. :-)

If for no one else, I am very glad he was obedient to God's direction. He preached on how I am a new creature in Christ and how I really don't have any excuse not to do _________. Well I didn't need to go too far back in my day to think about what I could apply the message to! That message was motivation the rest of the week to press forward in my studies. Have my circumstances changed? Not really. I still have those five really good reasons to throw in the towel, but now I also have one that trumps them all: I am a new creature in Christ and I can get victory through Him. But I will admit I'm glad for the weekend so I can re-group and get prepared for Monday's class. :-)


Kelly Johnson said...

Thank you for your honesty, Anne. Language study was my most daunting task on the mission field. There were many things that needed and demanded my attention that had to be set aside for language. The devil uses so many things, even right things that pull us from one of the most vital things in missionary work, language. If we don't get a grip on the language, it will hinder the ministry so very much! I will be praying for you. Jonathan Goforth was on the field at least 4 years before the Chinese could understand him!

Shirley Fenstermaker said...

Ah. Hello. Well we all know that moving across the world to a new culture and country would have it's challenges. I'm glad you were able to keep a level head about it all and as a reminder to look to the Lord in all circumstances. Miracles still do happen! Amen? Take care and God bless.