Friday, February 14, 2014

Updated Kitchen.

We had our new kitchen counter installed last week! My husband blogged about it, but I decided it was time to put some pictures on my blog too. :-)

When the men were installing the cabinets and counter, they ran into a problem. Apparently the men who came out to measure a month ago to make sure everything would fit measured incorrectly. So the installers had two of the cabinets hung when they realized the third wouldn't fit because our kitchen ceiling slopes. Oops. So I suggested they put the third cabinet on the opposite wall and it worked out just fine!

I am very pleased with how it all turned out and it was definitely worth the wait! After the sink was installed, I cautiously used it because I was so used to doing the bucket system that it didn't seem right to have water come out of the tap and go directly down the drain. Fun stuff!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


Robin Follett said...

Looks good Anne! I know what it is like having a torn up kitchen. We were without one for 3 weeks when we remold end our kitchen!

content2be said...

Woot! So exciting. I told my husband the other day about your 3 refrigerators and no sink or running water and the whole cockroach/language barrier/new sink debacle, and we were feeling some serious sympathy pains for your situation. The new sink and cabinets look beautiful! Enjoyed your thankful post! Being 5 months preggo myself, I can imagine that pedicure was wonderful!

Jackie said...

Nice! Your frig is so cute ;)