Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Family Time.

This year is just clipping by at a terrific speed! I'm coming out of the typical newborn fog of sleep deprivation just in time to say I can't believe my daughter is a month old already. Really?!?

My sister-in-law has been with us for the last month and flies home tonight. So now the real reality of two kids sets in! To add to the fun, we're also dog-sitting this week, but I'm hoping that will actually help with the transition for Paul. I mean, who doesn't love playing with a cute dog?

We went to a nearby waterfall on Saturday and this is what Ellie did for most of the time:

Apparently nature fascinates her. :-)

Paul was very adventurous and loved climbing up the waterfall:

We've had lots of fun family time, especially with my sister-in-law here. Now we'll probably stop doing touristy things until someone else come to visit. :-) 

Meanwhile Nat's been pushing forward in language studies and just finished the conversation module. Next up is the reading and writing module. I went to school up until a few days before Ellie's birth but I haven't been back since, so I got behind. Now we're hoping to find a tutor for me. My kids are small only once, so it's a balance I try to maintain with learning the language and taking care of my family.


content2be said...

What a chunky little doll! My fourth is due in 3 weeks; part of me is excited, part of me thinks, "Boy, it sure is easier to take of them in the womb!" Your SIL's visit was wonderful; I hope your transition to doing it on your own is smooth. I always cry a few times after my mom leaves after a baby is born. Change is always hard. Best wishes. I will remember and pray for you.

Rachel Custer said...

Oh, Anne! I see so much of your DAD in this little one! So glad that Allison was able to be there for so long - best wishes!!! :)