Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I'm joining in with some other missionary ladies and sharing pictures of our home sweet home here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We'll probably be moving within the next year, but currently this is where our wifi automatically connects. :-)

By the way, I'm sorry for the terrible quality, but this was the best I could do with my phone and keeping a toddler occupied (you'll see him later). Oh, and I'm keeping things real and just snapped pictures, so excuse any mess you see. We've been sick the past few days, all four of us. Fun!

So! Welcome to the Williams Home...

This picture was taken a few months ago, as we no longer have that glorious, leafy, shade (the landlord went through and purged several trees on our street) and the back of the bike is now sporting a child's seat (happy birthday to Paul). Regardless, this is our carport/patio/play place. Every other day it looks like this with the laundry hanging out to dry.

Of course our washing machine is on the front porch! It does make it convenient for hanging clothing out to dry. :-)

Welcome to the living room. Most of the furniture that is in the house doesn't belong to us, but that rocker is one of the few items that does! 

Please take a seat... Cushioned or non? I'm addition to most of the furniture not being ours, we also have an abundance of it. We lovingly refer to the "couches" as rectangle 1 and rectangle 2. :-) 

Since we have a two-year-old in the house, we keep a play mat permanently set up.... unless the cleaning lady is coming. Then we gladly take it apart for her to clean. :-) She is a fantastic helper and cleans for me every two weeks.

Ok, here's a (poor quality) look into our dining room. 

The best part of the dining room is the sweet baby girl in the bouncer. :-)

Some of you may recall our roach infestation when we first came to Thailand. Thankfully the new cabinets are working just fine - minus any roach nest!  We have had a few roaches come in under the back door, but it's rainy season right now, so that makes sense.

Homemade chicken noodle soup on the stove was lunch and dinner. We haven't done much the last few days except try to get better!

Paul has his very own room, with three beds to choose from...of course he prefers the pack-n-play. :-) 

Aha, there's my climber! We don't have any closets in the house, but we do have big wardrobes! They also work well as a place to store our luggage. 

Ok, let's go up a short flight of stairs to our bedroom.

Ellie sleeps in our room, of course. We also have a small balcony outside of our room, but we seldom open the doors (especially in hot and rainy seasons) since the sun pounds directly on that side of the house.

It's been really nice having the bathroom right off our room. Oh, in case you were wondering, we do have two nice western toilets. :-)

This picture is an extra one I'll throw in. Nat went to get his haircut the other day, so I just sat in the car waiting. Yep, that's the barber shop!

Thanks for taking the tour of our home with me. Now on to feeling better!


Charity said...

Love it! Especially the carpeted stairs, the kid-friendly admosphere, and your dining table decor a.k.a. Bouncer baby! Rectangle 1 and 2?! Hahaha!

Senkyoushi said...

Very nice! You have a lovely home.

Kristen said...

You know, I just realized I never saw the second floor of your house when I was there! Haha, so close, and yet so far! :-)

Amy Meyers said...

Aw, hope you're feeling better soon! Thanks for showing us your house--it looks very nice!

Jen Bauer said...

Thanks for linking up! You have a beautiful home. I love seeing how God has blessed missionary women all over the world! Hope you're feeling better soon.

Lou Ann Keiser said...

Terrific! I loved the rectangles numbered one and two. Beautiful floors, too. It's nice to have the space. I also thought the baby was a great addition to the dining table d├ęcor. Precious!

MrsJohn said...

Enjoyed seeing your home ~ we have a barber shop in the same place :)