Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What A Difference!

So this is the current temperature here in Thailand:

And this is the current temperature in Pennsylvania:

As of Thursday, we plan on being in Emmaus. Yikes.

We're going to need to bring a jacket or two and leave the flip flops behind!

Prayers appreciated as we head out on our trip on Wednesday. Paul loves to see airplanes flying in the sky; let's hope his enthusiasm level stays up when he realizes he's IN one!

Adventure is our middle name. :-)


Ann Moore said...

Praying you have a blessed trip. LOL I understand about little ones and planes. Glad Paul likes planes. We do not see them in Matagalpa but when we go to the capital city of Managua the airport is nearby and my little Faith is afraid to look at those monster birds LOL.

Have a wonderful time when you are home. Many blessing to you all. Love you :)

Lori said...

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