Sunday, February 1, 2015

Birthday Buddies.

One of my favorite things about Nat is he shares my birthday! Or perhaps I share his birthday since he's older than me. :-) I suppose it doesn't really matter because every year we celebrate together and it is always so. much. fun!!

This year we asked a friend to watch the kids while we went to dinner Saturday night. There's a restaurant at the edge of our village called Eat On Earth (no joke!), so we enjoyed a quiet walk through the neighborhood on the way to the restaurant. We opted to sit outside for dinner since the ambiance was spectacular (until the mosquitoes came along!) and we just enjoyed some quiet time together.

We both ordered the same thing (chicken cordon bleu) and it was absolutely delicious. My mango smoothie was pretty good too!

Nat chose the peach and orange smoothie and was extremely pleased with his choice. Everything was so nice and since we were tucked away in a corner, we didn't have to be distracted by a lot of people going back and forth past our table.

Today was a quieter day for sure. We usually get together with another family for a bible study Sunday morning, but half of their family was sick so we just spent the day at home. The church we attend has services Sunday night, and so that's where we went tonight. After church, we came home and got the kids into bed before pulling out our birthday treat: brownies, ice cream and fresh strawberries. Yummy! 

In addition to today being our birthdays, we're doing something different this year and having a count-down to Valentine's Day. We each decorated several cards on the front and put various things to do together on the back.

So this was our first one (sorry for the blurry picture)! On the back I wrote down, "if money weren't an option, make a list of all the places to travel together as a couple." We enjoyed talking (and dreaming!) about places we want to go. I'm looking forward to see what tomorrow's idea is! 

All in all, I would say we had a pretty good birthday. :-)

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Donna said...

What a lovely outdoor restaurant! My favorite place to eat is On Earth as well... I always like to stick close to home! :-) Looks like you and Nat had nice birthdays, ending with brownies and ice cream - perfect!