Saturday, March 7, 2015

Quick Snapshots.

One of the things I love to do is take quick snapshots throughout the day. Of course transferring it from the phone to the blog may take a few weeks, as evidenced by the first picture taken almost a month ago! Anyway, here's a little glimpse into our lives from the past few weeks...

Our neighbors were getting ready to take a trip, so for a few days they worked on making pork jerky. Apparently the sun is so hot here that they are able to cut the pork in thin strips and put it out on the roof of their car for the sun to dry the pork out! I had no idea that's how it's made.

These same neighbors gave Paul some refrigerator magnets that both kids have enjoyed playing with...

... Although more often than not, Ellie enjoys it even more than Paul!

If you look closely, you'll see Paul's beloved ball sitting in the middle of a creek. Paul didn't listen to his daddy and threw the ball in the water. For 45 minutes, Paul was "sure" all we had to do was just get the ball! Eventually some resourceful people spotted long bamboo poles nearby and created a ripple effect, causing the ball to meander to shore... and back into Paul's waiting arms.

Here is the finished product of my story in Thai. My teacher said it wasn't too bad for my first time, so I think that means I need to continue language school!

This little guy is slowly starting to eat more food, and I'm pretty encouraged about that!!

Saturday morning found us at several yard sales and we were excited to find this mini-desk. The lady had just made a sign saying all furniture was 50% off, so we added this to our small - but growing - pile of furniture.

I was also extremely thrilled to find at another yard sale the Longaberger basket pictured above on the right for just thirty cents!!

After a morning of yard saling and buying fruits and veggies at our local market, we stopped by a Mexican restaurant called Sunrise Tacos that just recently opened. I've only ever seen one in Bangkok, so I'm happy to see one open up here in Chiang Mai. :-)

Our other big yard sale find was a bike for Paul and Saturday night he got to test it out.

He obviously needs some practice of keeping his feet on the pedals and actually using the pedals, but he sure enjoyed having something his size!! ;)

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Donna said...

Wow, Anne! You wrote that story in Thai? I'm impressed! Paul looks so grown up sitting on that bike. And I think Ellie is trying to make some words with those letter magnets. Look at the letters J S L O Y V - she's obviously trying to communicate "JESUS LOVES YOU!" ;-)