Sunday, September 20, 2015

Where Did The Week Go?

The days just fly be here, so let's have a week in review via pictures, shall we?

We took our friends out to eat at a Chinese restaurant and I decided this is the biggest plate of pork fried rice I have ever seen! Oh, and the mushroom platter??? That was for my husband. :-)

Discovered an amazing view from a nearby mountain. We can't wait to go back and explore on a clear day!

That's a LOT of hay!

I loved having my friend and her husband here for a visit. What an enjoyable time sharing Thailand with them!

We have our ups and downs, but when my little guy smiles like this, he completely melts my heart.

A friend gave me Cadbury hot chocolate mix, so the first night that was even remotely chilly, I made some up and enjoyed it in my new mug.

Discovered a new cafe and restaurant or, as they label it, cafe and meal. ;-)

This little girl takes smoothies very seriously!

1 comment:

Tori Leslie said...

That fried rice looks super yummy, mushrooms not so much.
I'm so glad you got to have your friend there. I know how awesome it is to get to share the land you love with friends. BTW, your kiddos are so big and adorable!