Sunday, November 1, 2015

Amazing Thailand!

Prior to getting married, I lived in Thailand for a year working with some missionaries. When I first returned to the States after that year, all I could talk about was Thailand. I didn't realize how much I was talking about Thailand until a family member said, "Umm, Thailand is all you ever talk about."


That first visit was a long time ago (over 8 years ago!) and since then I have come to love this country in a big way. From the distinct smell and humidity that engulfs you when you step out of the airport, to the cacophony of sounds coming from every direction, Thailand is like no other country I have visited.

Some of the ladies over at Baptist Missionary Women are sharing interesting tidbits about their countries, and so I thought I would jump in and share Thailand with you. After all, I couldn't stop talking about it before! ;-)

1.) The normal Thai greeting is the wai. My daughter does a much better job doing the wai than my son does!

2.) Iced drink shops are everywhere here! Coffee, bubble tea, smoothies... you name it and someone probably has a shop for it! My Thai tutor explained it's because it is so hot here that people feel cool and refreshed with an iced drink.That works for me!

~my kids love this part of the culture~

3.) Blonde-haired, little Americans are a magnet. I'm serious! I am stopped several times a week by someone asking if they can take a picture of my kids. Around here, my kids are constantly called dolls, particularly Ellie!

4.) You will see "Amazing Thailand" printed on many tourist items (hats, shirts, etc), and for good reason. This country has a rugged beauty. No, there are no snow-capped mountain tops, but there's plenty of breath-taking valleys and lush rice paddies. I especially love seeing a rice paddy with new shoots. So fresh and green!

~this rice is just about ready to be harvested~

~"the sleeping lady"~

~each evening brings a spectacular sunset~

5.) Who doesn't love Thai food?!? My favorite Thai dish is chicken fried rice with freshly-squeezed lime. Yum!

6.) On any given day in any given neighborhood, someone is driving around peddling their wares. The best I've ever seen was full-sized wardrobes on the back of a pick-up truck (who looks out their window and thinks, "Oh, look! They're selling wardrobes on that pickup truck! I've been meaning to buy one.") We also buy some of our vegetables from a lady hauling them around on her motorcycle cart. And then of course you can buy tarps, ladders, or brooms, depending on the day. :-)

7.) Speaking of motorcycles, that is a main method of transportation for many people... and things. I am always impressed at the creativity of Thai people and how they can fit quite a bit on a motorcycle.

8.) In the market or at the grocery store, you will see lots of interesting things. Never a dull moment in going shopping here!

~in the grocery store~

~at the market~

9.) Often I will see Thai people wearing a coat, pants, socks, and a hat --- in 90* weather! Thai people don't like sun burn, so they will completely cover up. Even then, sometimes I'll see an umbrella just as an extra precaution!

10.) Let's face it - Thailand is hot. We've acclimated over the last two years, and now think low 70s is downright chilly. But give us 88 degree weather, and we only need a fan! Praise God for air conditioning for when the humidity makes it feel like 100 degrees!

Now that you're done here, head on over to April's blog and see what it's like for her! 


Charity said...

We LOVE Thailand!!! Thanks for sharing some new things about Thailand. This was great!

Jen Bauer said...

This was so interesting. Thank you! We had a young lady from Thailand living with us for awhile. We loved having her.

April McTague said...

Awesome! We LOVE Thai food. We are coming in February for a field conference and can't wait to have the real thing!

David and Dee Dee Sterling said...

Thanks for sharing your world with us! We have lots of friends here who LOVE to vacation in Thailand. :)

Joyful said...

I've never been to Thailand. The heat and humidity factors scare me away. but am thrilled you love it there enough to live and minister to the people. It was interesting to read about the country you now call home. God bless!

Lou Ann Keiser said...

I have a Thai friend, and she and her family LOVE going back. No wonder! You really made me feel your atmosphere and vision. Wonderful post!

Carole said...

Beautiful scenery! I had to chuckle at the wardrobe comment :-) We have several Thai people living here in Ilulissat, Greenland.

Ann said...

I very much enjoyed learning about Thailand! Thank you--

Becca S said...

Loved all the photos! Iced drinks sound so yummy! Thank you for sharing a bit about your field. :)

Rachel said...

Lots of interesting information. Thanks for sharing.
The rice sounds delicious and the beauty there is breathtaking.
Thank you for answering God's call and may God bless your ministry.

Ellen said...

I think I would love having access to so many drinks and smoothies! My son is in Brazil and can sympathize when feeling chilly even on an 80 degree day. So glad you can have some AC. Thanks for sharing.

Tori Leslie said...

I love this! How amazing Thailand must be. Croatia is so typically European that there doesn't seem to be too many interesting facts, or I've been here too long. I think your little blondies are dolls too.
BTW, i'm glad you dropped by my blog because for some reason your posts aren't showing up in my feed anymore. Hmm.