Saturday, January 9, 2016

Visual Antics.

I thought I would give another picture update of what life has been like around here! Starring Paul and Ellie, of course...

Ellie is the new owner of a little bike her size! (Paul seems to think he is partial owner.)

The first sunrise of 2016 was stunning! Actually almost every morning offers a spectacular show, but unfortunately a camera just can't capture what the human eye can see. 

Paul thought this was a great place to eat his morning snack, and Ellie did too. It's so sweet to watch these two do things together.

We got a laugh out of this one. One of the men Nat is working with received two boxes from Operation Christmas Child. Since his kids are older, he gave them to us for our kids! From America to Thailand, and currently on the way to another country now. :-)

Ellie is definitely watching her older brother and following in his steps - both good and bad. She figured she could stand on the fence too.

While Nat got his hair cut, this sweet lady entertained the kids, mainly by giving them little tangerines.

Thirty minutes later, and the kids started to get restless. Running off steam on the barber's front porch was a great solution! 


Rivers of Water said...

Great post Anne about what is going on! I always found that each successive child caught on quicker than the previous ones :-D My children do not know what sole ownership is everything gets used by all of them and that is not necessarily a good thing. We try really hard to emphasize that is one persons toy hiwever eventually it becomes everyones. I just understand how Paul feels. I often wish I had a better camera to capture the sun rises and sunsets here in SC they are magnificent....yet the camera just cannot do them justice. To see them one day through the eyes of God up in Heaven that will be spectacular!!

Tori Leslie said...

Your little one is so cute on her new trike. Love that. I love seeing photos from your life there. Such a sweet time in life when the kids are still little. Enjoy and Happy Sunday!