Saturday, April 23, 2016

Summertime Fun.

The glorious summer days of Thailand are upon us, and this year we made a new addition to our family: a pool!

Although this pool is only a week old, the sand pit, bikes, and balls are almost a distant memory. Within minutes of Paul waking up, he is quick to mention water in the hopes of immediately going swimming. :-)

Of course the kids have spent hours playing and splashing around in the water. For the most part they really do play well together even though the picture above makes it look like Ellie is giving Paul a thump on the head!

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Donna said...

So cute! I love Paul and Ellie's color-coordinated swim clothes and sun hats! Who says that modesty and style can't go together? Thanks for the picture of your adorable children. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Praying for you, Anne!