Thursday, June 29, 2006

All In A Day's Work

It's so simple to follow directions, right???
May I introduce you to two friends of mine?!? Here they are: Rachel and Sarah! Both of these girls have been my friends for years, and I love spending time with them. I happen to spend more time with R than I do with S for the simple reason that R and I work together and live two minutes apart while S lives out in the boonies (quite literally!).
Well, R and I are famous for getting lost, and it usually happens when we are almost out of gas, have no cell phone, it's dark out, and occasionally it's raining or doing some other wacky weather pattern:)
Soooo, it's no surprise that when R and I went to Philadelphia last Monday we got lost for about 20 minutes. After all these years, R and I really expect it to happen and always laugh our way up and down side streets that we really shouldn't be on.
But when S and I went to the hospital last Thursday, we found it with no problem. I mean zero. Zip. None.
Today we three trooped down very dutifully, following the directions to the T. Our problems began when we chose a different exit to get off of rather than what the directions said.
Enter Lesson # 1: Always follow the directions when you are in unfamiliar territory (and sometimes in familiar territory!)
Once we got off the exit, we realized it was the same exit R and I took last Monday! Not to be swayed by one bad experience, we improvised and decided turning left was the best option. Feeling rather good about our sense of direction and the fact "that looks familiar! we must be going in the right direction!", we continued on, oblivious to the fact that we were in for an adventure!! Going in "the right direction" was not necessarily true!
That was Lesson # 2: Don't assume!
I kid you not, we spent over an hour driving around Philadelphia trying to find the hospital. We stopped three times to ask for directions, and the final time was the ticket! When we realized we went in the opposite direction and circled around practically the whole city of Philadelphia (that might be an exaggeration, but not by much!), we just started laughing until we almost cried! When we got to the hospital and explained the whole trip to T, she started busting out with laughter!!!!!!!! S commented, "I think it's the combination of Rachel and Anne together that's bad! Anne and I had no problem getting here last Thursday!".
So then we decided to go out to lunch. When we got to the main entrance of the hospital, S exclaimed, "Oh no! I left my pass upstairs in the room!" So S went to the nice man at the front desk, explained the situation, and the man gave her another pass and said, "Return this one when you come back."
We go out to lunch and stop at a store before we headed back "home" (to the hospital). As we were walking through the parking garage, S started laughing. Here she had lost her pass again; making it twice in one day:D She went back to the car, and with a sigh of relief, saw the pass on the car seat and snatched it up.
As we sat in T's room, someone mentioned a line from "The Princess Bride", and since T never saw it, we decided to go rent it. After inquiring about the closest Blockbuster and finding out it was *5 minutes away*, we headed out again. What was supposed to be a 10 minute trip turned into 90 minutes.
Again, I kid you not, we drove up and down the same road four times looking for this store. We stopped and talked to four different people who gave us four different directions!!!! The funny thing was two of the people were sure Blockbuster was on this one street. Well, it turns out that it used to be on this street, but it had moved! So when we finally did find it, S and I started cracking up because we had driven by this store last week and had even commented on it!!!!!
We got our movie and laughed together. T kept saying, "I don't understand how that is possible" and S or I would always say, "It's a movie. It's not going to make complete sense!". By the time the movie was over, T's husband arrived so we headed out the door, and made it safely home, with no problems;)
What can I say?!?! It's all in a day's work with R and I, and then you add T and S to the combo and this is what you get:
1 - A memory that will last a lifetime (we have similar experiences that we laugh about, like the time another Sarah and R cried while we watched "The Patriot" on the way to a Bible Conference in St. Louis!).
2 - Lots and lots of laughter.
3 - A carefree, fun-filled day!
4 - A car that started out with a full tank of gas and dropped below half after we were done;).
5 - A chance to see Dillon and T.
6 - Every time R moved on the bed, it rolled away from the wall;).
7 - T getting her mind thinking on other things besides Dillon's situation.
8 - A feeling of satisfaction that another person's day was cheered up!!!!!
Yup, with us girls, it's all in a day's work:D


BrittLeigh said...

Oh my goodness, that is soooooo ME! I nearly got my sister's family and I lost in the backhills behind our house ON OUR WAY TO CHURCH!!! NOw THAT'S bad! AAANNNDDD, we were just about out of gas. Man, that was soooo close. The bad thing is I do stuff like that all the time. I'm afraid to go anywhere by myself for fear I'll get lost!!!

Anne said...

Well it sure is nice to know we aren't the only ones who do stuff like this;) I have yet to get lost going to church though; I live right across the street from it so I better not get lost:D