Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"This Little Light Of Mine..."

I walked into Visitation tonight, just in time to hear 25-30 people (mostly men!) sing heartily,
"This little light of mine!
I'm gonna let it shine!
This little light of mine!
I'm gonna let it shine!
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!

Thinking that was a rather unique Visitation song, I joined right in, waving my "light" around with everyone else. We went through the 4 verses of the song and then the song leader said, "Ok, go back to being mature adults now and sit down."
This song is a special song that is sung every week in Sunday School with the 2-5 year olds. No matter which young man is leading the singing, every guy knows to end the singing part of Sunday School with this song. All the kiddies love it, and they are always so excited to go around having their light "lit" by one of the teachers. They giggle every time!
I sing this song with gusto whenever I get downstairs with the kids, but it felt different singing it with adults. Perhaps if "Jesus Loves Me", "The Wise Man Built His House Upon The Rock", "Rolled Away", "This Little Light Of Mine" and other *kid* songs were sung as adults, we might all realize the simple truths that are in these Sunday School songs. I mean, really. To a little kid, "Jesus loves me, this I know" really means that!!!! Do you think they sit at their desks or in their homes wondering, "Does Jesus really love me? Will He really take care of me? Doesn't He need some help from me?"
NO, they don't.
Perhaps that's why Jesus said to have faith like a little child.

"This little light of mine............. I'm gonna let it shine!!!!!!!!!

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Jessica said...

What a wonderful thought!! Great post!!