Tuesday, June 27, 2006


This morning I was on my way from one of my jobs to the bank. Since we have experienced three full days of torrential, steady rain floods (not showers!), I was prepared for this morning to be no different. As I guided my car onto a back road, I noticed a roadblock set up on Spring Creek Road, barring anyone from entering this dangerous road today. The name alone speaks volumes as to the location of this short-cut road. Yes, a creek runs parallel to it, and yes it springs up and over its banks anytime we have a considerable amount of rainfall. (What I'm wondering is why do they seem to want to build all the housing developments nearby??? I guess
I'm missing the logic here...).
But I digress.
So I continued on, making a mental note of the roadblock and breathing a quick prayer of thanks that I didn't need to take Spring Creek today.
As I drove around the bend, I quickly applied my brakes. Right before my eyes, there was a huge tree blocking 95% of the road. I was able to drive around it, but I noticed that the mud was starting to get thick as a result of other people driving around the tree too.
My concern grew as I saw at least 10 cars passing by me, heading in the opposite direction. Unbeknownst to them, there was a dangerous roadblock ahead. I flashed my highbeams to each car, hoping that it would serve as a warning to them.
While the Spring Creek Road roadblock was set up on purpose, the other roadblock was definitely not set up on purpose. On purpose or not, they were both blocking the road. One was so people won't get their cars stuck in high flood waters, while the other was an accident waiting to happen, to cause harm.
The application can be made to the spiritual walk. In a way, pastors, family, teachers, and friends attempt to warn me when they see a roadblock coming up. Whether the roadblock was set up for my good or for my harm, it is always a good idea to pay attention to roadblocks. If I disregard the roadblock, and go tearing through determined to do it *my way*, then I'm bound for some trouble down the road.
This morning my teacher was a road, a tree, and lots of rain!

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