Friday, June 23, 2006

A Tribute To Friendship Part 2

With T's phone call that afternoon, little did I know how much my life would change that day!
T had left PA on the previous Tuesday to head home to Ohio for Christmas, which was on a Saturday. The very next day, I was sitting at home, doing something on the computer, when the phone rang around 4ish. It was T on the other end, and she said, "Can you and R meet me in the library before church tonight? I have something I want to tell you." I was surprised she was heading back here so soon, especially knowing she was missing her family. So I said, "Sure. What do you have to tell us? Is it good news or bad?" T replied, "Weeeeell, that depends."
On what??? Either you know it is good news or bad news. There really is no middle ground. So with that question in my mind, I hung up and called R, asking her if she would meet in the library. We spent the next hour wondering what in the world could it be...
New car? No. Moving back to Ohio? No. Sister expecting a baby? No. New job? No.
Finally we hit upon it. A guy. Yes!
When T pulled into church at 5:45, we had a good idea what she was going to say, but we waited for her to say it.
"Um, I just wanted to show you this!!!!!" T said as she held up her left hand. On it was a sparkling diamond. "J_ _ _ _ _" I shouted, knowing I had the guy pegged. "T smiled and said, "Yep!"
God had brought T out here so she could be saved, go to Bible Institute, and meet J. I had graduated from high school with J and I knew they would be perfect for each other. J and T did the old fashioned courtship
~ betrothal~ with chaperones and no touching. Their wedding day was sweet indeed.
One beautiful day in October T called me up and asked me if I wanted to go walking. This was not an unusual request as we often partook in this pleasure in order to catch up in each other's lives. So I said sure and then T added, "Can you ask R if she wants to go?" I replied, "R probably won't because she never has time and she's always busy" but I asked her anyway. R surprisingly said yes, so T came up to church and we started walking.
Soon we were talking about T's recent wedding and about the bridesmaid dress that I had worn but T had bought (since I wasn't as partial to the dress as T was). We were trying to figure out when T could wear it when R said, "Maybe you can wear it for Christmas." T was quiet, and then responded, "If I fit into it then..."
You could've heard a pin drop on the paved driveway.
"Wait... no... it really can't be... is it??????????????" I stammered.
T just smiled as she said and shook her head yes. T was expecting a baby!!!!!!

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Happymama said...

I'm assuming there's more!!!! WHERE IS IT!!!!!???? :) We want the rest of the story. Please don't make us wait. Can't wait to hear it. Oh, I'm so impatient. Sorry. I just like a good love story. :)