Monday, June 26, 2006

A Tribute To Friendship Part 3

That afternoon was a surprise to me, to say the very least. R began jumping around, laughing and giggling at the same time while I just shook my head and murmured, "I can't believe it!!!" I was very excited for J and T, but kind of stunned at them having a baby so soon. But I know that God is the one Who gives a child to a couple, and He is never taken by surprise!

The only stipulation T gave us was when she told us was that we had to keep it a secret until Christmas... which was over 2 months away. Talk about torture! Especially for a jabber-bird like me:D I did get to tell my mom, which made it easier because at least I could talk to somebody about it!

T had an ideal pregnancy: a little morning sickness, minimal weight gain, not too many emotional mood swings;), and not too much pain! Despite the fact that she was pregnant, T managed to work at least 25 hours a week, maintain a Bible Institute schedule, and come up to church for a weekly walk (yes, even in January when it felt like it was April!).

It is such a blessing to have a close friend who keeps me on my toes and who knows me as well as my sisters do (and sometimes even better)! Sometimes a friendship changes when a girl friend gets married, but in this case with T, it only got better. About a month ago, T and I spent the day in Lancaster County "just because". She had the day off and I took off of work and we had such a blast rummaging through an *old-fashioned* second-hand shop (where they only take cash or personal check and the older men just sit around chatting... all they needed was a checkerboard:D), stopping at a free petting zoo, eating a picnic lunch, enjoying the beauty of a country store in a barn, and getting lost on the way home! But we had fun... just being together and talking about anything and everything!

I knew the Lancaster County trip was going to be one of our last for a while, and that thought was confirmed on Friday June 16th when I called T to see if she wanted to go yard saling the next morning. She did NOT want to go because she was on the way to the hospital!!! Little Dillon was born that evening, but had some problems so he went off to the children's hospital. All weekend long I kept in touch with T, and often prayed and cried for my dear friends and their baby. The following Monday I got to go visit my friend in the hospital.

No words were needed as we hugged each other. More was expressed in that hug that any words that could've been exchanged. You see, when you have such a dear, dear friend, you ache when she aches, and you rejoice when she rejoices. I know T would do the same for me, for she has shown herself faithful, even at times of rebuke and correction. For "faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful."

Thursday my friend S and I got to go down to the hospital... this time to celebrate T's 21st birthday! My car was literally loaded up with all sorts of gifts, goodies, and balloons for J and T to enjoy. But I think all of that paled in comparison to the gift T got that day: an opportunity to hold Dillon for two hours!!! Up to that point, she had held him for a grand total of 4.5 minutes. As I stood there watching T and Dillon, I just smiled, knowing that she was truly cherishing each and every minute.

Dillon's name means faithfulness, and his mommy is a good example of it. Some people who walk into my life will stay there for a life time. Lord willing, T will be one of those people. I am the one who is privileged to call her friend.


Rachel said...

I'll never forget that day that she told us about the baby. Remember when you-know-who walked across the parking lot behind us, and I was sure he had seen my little "joy-dance"? :o) If he did, he must have never figured it out!

Happymama said...

Oh, what a nice tribute to a friend. I know she'll enjoy reading that when she gets a chance. And Dillon is the beginning to a happy ending.

Anne said...

Rach~ I think there were *two* you-know-whos that day;) One just happened to be walking across the parking lot, the other was peeking out his window:D

Kristi~ Hopefully that chance to read it will take place soon! We can't wait until mommy and Dillon are home:)