Wednesday, July 5, 2006

An Amazing Sight

Yesterday was (obviously) the 4th of July:).... hooray!!!!! I was so pleased to see Old Glory line the main street of my town. It just gives you the patriotic feeling of gratitude of being born into this country! But although I love this country, I do not like the direction it is going: away from God each and every day. So it's holidays like yesterday that are bittersweet.
My dear sister-in-law, niece, nephews and I went down to Philadelphia to get J and T and lead them to a picnic at my sister's home. We had a very nice time and the rain even held off;) Imagine that! Afterwards we went back to the hospital where we stood on top of a 6-story parking garage with 15 other friends and watched the fireworks.
And did we ever see fireworks!!!!
It was a sight I don't think I'll forget for a very long time. As we stood on the roof, all we could see were fireworks shooting off everywhere. No matter what direction we looked in, we saw fireworks. These weren't even *official* fireworks, like Penn's Landing. These were just the citizens of the city of Brotherly Love showing their appreciation for their country in a very visible way. What amazed me even more was the consistency of the fireworks. We stood there for an hour just watching and wondering.
One thought kept running through my mind. How often do the people of America ever agree on one subject? Look no further than the politicians, the courts, the malls, and the workplace. Everyone has their own opinion. But on this one day it seemed as if every firework that went off was saying, "I love America." It was an amazing sight to behold.
"Land of the free.
Sweet home of liberty.
But it came at such a great price.
Our soldiers brave and true,
gave their lives for me and you.
Thank God for the red, white, and blue."
(Sung by the John Marshall Family on "I Am Not Ashamed")
Next year I think I know where I'll go view some fireworks...


Happymama said...

Glad you had a good fourth. We did too. Although I have not posted anything on it yet. I've been enjoying reading about everyone else's events for that day. :)

~Sis Kristi

Anonymous said...

WOW! That is an awesome picture! Where did you get it?

Anne said...

Kristi~ It looked like you saw some nice fireworks:D
Anonymous ~ A friend of mine took it when we went to DC five years ago on a Civics class trip. The city offers great photo ops; you just have to find the one for you;)

Anonymous said...

Maybe anonymous was making sure you give him credit for his work. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Nah!! Just being my jovial self, that's all.

a berean said...

'It just gives you the patriotic feeling of gratitude of being born into this country! ' '... I love this country' But the Bible says " But now they desire a better country, that is, an heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city." The only country we should be patriotic to is God's Kingdom. If we are patriotic here, or have patriotic feelings here, then we are split between two kingdoms...

As far as people here agreeing on any one thing, you were correct in the first place. They only shoot fireworks together, because they love fireworks, not because thay have any agreement here on earth. We ought not to 'agree' with them there either, because it will be a snare for us later...