Saturday, July 15, 2006



Kristi tagged me, so here goes!

3 Things that scare me: 1. Thunder! (I jumped pretty high today when it cracked!) 2. High school boys who sneak up behind me while I'm working in solitude in the Production Room. 3. Bugs of any kind.
3 people who make me laugh: 1. My sister-in-law K:) 2. My brother P:) 3. My friend S:)
3 Things I love: 1. Music 2. Apple and country decor 3. Dried roses
3 Things I hate: 1. Spoiled food...yuck. 2. The folding machine not folding papers right. 3. Scant clothing.
3 Things I do not understand: 1. The logic of spending lots of money on Hallmark ornaments. 2. Why movies must include curse words. 3. Pennsylvania drivers and Jersey drivers in Pennsylvania.
3 Things on my desk: 1. Dried roses in a vase. 2. Telephone. 3. A cup of pens and pencils that winds up in the trash can at least once a week.
3 Things I am doing right now: 1. Sitting down. 2. Listening to the birds chirp and my mom talk. 3. Typing.
3 Things I want to do before I die: 1. Take a missions trip to every continent (except Antartica!). 2. Visit the Grand Canyon. 3. Go on a road trip across the USA.
3 Things I can do: 1. Smile and encourage those around me:-). 2. Organize. 3. Take care of children.
3 Ways to describe my personality: 1. Mischievous. 2. Bubbly. 3. Spontaneous.
3 Things I can't do: 1. Play the piano (although I've had two friends try to teach me:D). 2. Draw. 3. Knit.
3 Things I think you should listen to: 1. The small, still voice of the Holy Spirit. 2. Pastor. 3. Trains blowing their horns.
3 Things you should never listen to: 1. A sales person at a fair or festival. 2. Girls at 3:30 in the morning. 3. God's name taken in vain.
3 Absolute favorite foods: 1. Chicken, rice, and green beans. 2. Ice cream. 3. Apples.
3 Things I'd like to learn: 1. Knit. 2. Crochet. 3. How to bargain shop at yard sales and how to trash pick good deals.
3 beverages I drink regularly: 1. Water. 2. Water. 3. Water (soda occasionally).
3 shows I watched as a kid: 1. Little House on the Prairie. 2. Matlock. 3. The Waltons.
3 Things I really want to do: 1. Take walks on the beach at sunset. 2. Babysit my nephew in Florida. 3. Affect and impact the younger girls for God.

That's Just The Way It Is...Again!

The other day I wrote about my water bottle being left at home... Yesterday as I was leaving to have lunch with friends, I noticed a leak coming out of my bottle! There was a huge crack down at the bottom so I had to throw it away. That's just the way it is!

It's The End Of The Week:D

I'm really glad this week came to a close. I was at church each day from 8 in the morning to 9 at night. That's not a typical week for me, so I fell into bed exhausted each night. My dad was on vacation this week, so I spent 30 minutes talking to him after I got home from VBS each night... that's a rare thing for us (I work during the day and he works 2nd shift). Last night was the big "Bonanza" night for VBS:o) It sure was fun to see the kids running around to all the games and then coming over to the food table. A few of us girls were running the old-fashioned popcorn maker... which worked great, once the smoke cleared and we realized our mistake. Note to self: follow the instructions written on the machine, not the advice of a guy who used to work one at Wal*Mart! After VBS last night, a dozen single girls crammed into a friend's house to talk, laugh, eat food, watch movies, and sleep. The *festivities* started at 11:15, but by 2:15 I was a goner. Waking up at 4:45 in the morning and going to bed at 2:15 is an awful long time to stay awake!!!!! So I grabbed my pillow and blanket and drifted off to dream land with an air conditioner blowing above me and the laughter of girls floating through the room.

It's Ironic

Today a friend of mine planned to move at noon. The rain clouds moved in at 12:05 and a downpour with all the works (thunder and lightening included for free) fell at 12:35. My friend decided to wait until another day to move, thinking the rain wouldn't stop. We all left and the rain stopped at 2:00. Go figure....:D

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