Wednesday, July 12, 2006

That's Just The Way It Is

I receive a monthly ladies paper called "Apples of Gold" produced by a Baptist Church in NY. My favorite section is an article written by the church's secretary which she has rightly entitled, "The Way It Is...". The reason why I like it so much is because it is an ordinary article written by an ordinary lady who always has things happen to her with some ironic twist, and has the humility to describe it in an extremely humorous way. I always appreciate a good laugh (even blonde jokes:D), so every month you will find me chuckling over the latest "The Way It Is...".

Today, in a way, I experienced my own *the way it is*. I was getting my lunch (and dinner!) ready for the day, and as I was leaving to head out the door, I thought about my water bottle. Now this is not just your typical water bottle. Oh no. It's a special one! My co-worker and friend, K.S., found this jug at the Dollar Store and noticed it is supposed to contain 64 ounces of water. So she so nicely bought one for me, and I've been (mostly) using it ever since.

I stood in my kitchen and told myself I left my water bottle at work in the fridge. Satisfied with myself for being so smart in leaving it there, I headed out for the day. As the morning rushed on, I thought about that water bottle in the fridge, but never went to get it. Finally I got ready to go to lunch. As I headed into the lunchroom, it dawned on me: my water bottle was tucked safely away in my family's second fridge at home.

I was not about to pay 50 cents for a tiny 8 ounce water bottle from the machine. No way! I was determined to grab my bottle when I got home. I ran home quick between work and VBS, did some stuff, and rushed back to church... without the water bottle. I just sighed and thought, that's just the way it is.:o)

Now I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one this happens to! I'm in need of a good laugh (or two or three:D), so would you mind sharing some of your own stories?!?!


Rachel said...

Heehee....the way it about tonight for example?

About 2:30 this afternoon, as I was busily typing away at my computer, a thought popped into my head. "Rachel, you have offertory sometime this month, and I think it's tonight!" Check the music schedule...sure enough, I do! Oookaaayyyyy.....I'm in VBS tonight. Well, I might be able to swing it. I can slip out right during the Bible story time to play the offertory and come right back. Sure, that will work.

Take off work an hour early to play through 10 piano books, and finally make up my own arragement.

VBS starts, and at 7:05, I finally slip away. I hear the congregation singing, what I think is the first song, so I stop in the office to see if they have a final count for the kid's offering yet. No count, so I head on my way. As I am walking down the foyer, I realize that the piano is playing, but no one is singing --- it's the offertory! Oh no! I missed it!

Sometimes, that's just the way it is. :o)

Anne said...

That's classic Rach! Love it:D

Happymama said...

You know last weekend we had our first outing with our SIGMA group. It was an all night Survivor night and we were told to bring things for a camp out. The girls would be locked in the fellowship building and the boys would be roughing it on the field in tents. Well, I got there around 3:00 that afternoon and realized I had forgotten to pack my sleeping bag, pillow, extra clothes, etc. Since I had to help with setting up for the dinner and chaperone those coming in, I decided I would call my sweet hubby and have him bring what I needed when he came. Only time slipped away from me and he showed up before I ever made the call. So my next thought was that we had about 40 minutes worth of firewoks and I would go then. Just before the fireworks started I slipped on out to my car and drove home to get my stuff. I decided I would use the bathroom, let Tipsy (the dog) out, and get a drink of water. I rushed to put Tipsy back in her room and was back off to the outing. When I was over half way there I realized I still didn't have my stuff and hadn't even packed it while I was home. I had to turn BACK around to go and get it. But that's just me. I'm like that EVERYDAY. :)
BTW, I just read your comment at Courtney's Contemplations and laughed out loud at the whole "crunch cruch" ceremony. That was so funny.


Anne said...

That is too funny! Thanks for the hearty laugh:-)