Sunday, August 13, 2006


So little time, the harvest will be ended.
Our reaping done, we reapers taken home.
Report our work, to Jesus Lord of Harvest.
And hope He'll smile and that He'll say "well done".

Today we reap, or miss our golden harvest.
Today is given us lost souls to win.
Oh then to save, some dear ones from the burning.
Today we'll go to bring some sinner in.


Rebecca said...

I love the words to that song. The song is written by John R. Rice, isn't it? (I used to sing it for church from time to time.)

Rebecca said...

It's me again. I just noticed in your profile that you are planning on going on a missions trip to South Africa. (I have also noticed that your friend, Rachel has been there.) I went on a missions trip to South Africa in 2003. I was mostly in the Johannesburg area. I was there for around 4 1/2 months. Anyway, I thought that it was neat that you are planning on going there also. What part of South Africa are you going to?

Arlene said...

I love good old hymns; this is one of my favorites. It's not sung very often except around Mission Conferences, have you noticed that? I don't like when certain songs are sung only certain times of the year, like Christmas, Easter, etc. Yep, I'm one of those people who want to play Christmas carols year round, LOL!

Anne said...

Rebecca~ I know of 5 missionaries within a couple of hours of each other (and all located between 4-6 hours from Johannesburg). I visited Pietersburg in the Northern Province which is about 4 hours north of Johannesburg. I'm not quite sure which missionary to visit next:) but it might but the one in Pietersburg or Tzaneen.

As to the song, I can't remember who wrote it, but you're probably right. The words just stirred my heart this morning as we sang it in the service and I thought about souls unreached...

Anne said...

Arlene~ That's one thing I love about my church: we do sing Christmas songs at Christmas:D, but all the other songs get sung several times throughout the year.

It's neat to see how the song leader picks out the songs and the pastor preaches the message and somehow (we know how!) they all fit perfectly together... God is good!

Rachel Marie said...

Thanks for sharing those words with us, Anne!