Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Calling All Cheap I Mean (Ahem) Bargain Shoppers!

Melissa is as excited about gas prices as I am:o) Apparently prices in her area have dropped to $3.00, while prices in my area have dropped down to the low, low price of $2.23 (for now anyway). I know this good thing can't last forever, so I'm planning on taking advantage of it while I can.

But what I would like to know is this: in your neck of the woods, wherever you hang your hat, or pillow your head, what are prices like? Are they touching $3.00 or hanging out around $2.00? It would be interesting to see the responses. But here's the catch: you have to respond and let me know what the prices are and what state/country you are from:o). Oh, and if you know me in *real life*, go ahead and tell me the prices you found... remember, I haven't traveled too far from home in a while:D. I'm not sure I know what's going on in the next town:D. Perhaps I'll just have to come visit you... and pick up a bargain along the way!


Abbi said...

I'm sure by now the gas station near your house is down to $2.19 like all of the others around here. Last time Scott filled our minivan (with the gargantuan gas tank), the total was under $60. I was so excited to see $59.something! When we first bought our minivan we could fill her up for somewhere in the high $30's. Bwaahhhahaha...not anymore!

Anonymous said...

Your prices in PA make my excitement seem a little I think everyone should feel sorry for me having to pay so much for gas. Dumb Canada. :) Since the exchange rate is a little different up here, I paid what is the equivalent of $2.69 a gallon this morning. Yuck......

Ashley said...

Hi Anne! I just stumbled onto your blog today and wanted to add my two cents. :-) This morning I noticed our gas prices are at $2.03! I was super excited. I live in Atlanta, GA and I have to wonder if gas south of Atlanta (where it's usually cheaper than where I am) is under $2. What a sight that would be!

Anonymous said...

Hello from another first-time visitor! I started the evening with checking out a friend's blog site, and kept linking to other sites from there...and ended up here! sound like quite the busy gal! In fact, you sound a lot like me! :D Isn't it grand to live life 'sold out' for Christ?! Yet, how humbling it is that He would use us for His glory. He is so worthy of all that we are!

I'm really, really, new to the 'blogger world' but would absolutely love to make friends! So I'll probably be checking your site often, if you don't mind. And you're welcome to mine as well.

Woops, I'd better stop my rambling and actually respond to your post: Gas here in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, is $2.35-$2.38/gallon depending on the station.

Great blog, Anne...keep up the good work!

(((P.S. ------> poor Canadians! 'sniff-sniff')))

Anne said...

Thanks for the responses so far girls:o). I am happy to report as of last night gas has now dropped to $2.17! But that seems to be nothing compared to $2.69 or $2.03, depending on which way you look at it! I suppose I really should be counting my blessings for God placing me exactly where He wants me to be:o).
Thanks for stopping by Ashley and Lizzie:) I'll be sure to check out your little homes and come on back anytime for a short (or long!) visit to From My Perspective:-) Welcome!

Michelle said...

Well down here in Central Fla with the palm trees were are about $2.29 to $2.39. It really depends on where you go! So we hope that this survey helps you! Love you bunches.

Michelle and Jamey

blondevue... said...

Like Lizzie, I found your blog off of a friends, of a friends blog... :-)
I am currently living in Alaska, and the gas prices have finally started to drop. (You'd think they would have dropped more than they have since we live 10 mins. away from the refinery...)
Sams Club has gas for $2.76, and the corner gas station is going for $2.89. Finally below $3!!! :-)
Good reading your blog...

Mrs. Johanna Spangenberg said...

In Pennsylvania it is $2.23
In Ohio it is $2.22.
In Indiana it is $2.13.
In Illinois it is 2:02.
In Iowa it is $1.92.
In Minnesota it is $1.98.
In North Dakota it is $1.99.
In Michigan it is $2.00

I had an awesome roadtrip! The best gas prices of the year -- perfect timing to go to the midwest. It cost us about $20 to go 300 miles ... and we travelled 3500 miles round trip! Praise the Lord for meeting our needs!

Anne said...

I continue to be excited, girls, as I see the gas station down the street from me lowering the prices every day:o)! Now the price is down to $2.09!

I'm glad I'm not paying central Florida prices Michelle, and I'm equally glad I'm not paying Alaska's prices blondevue! Yikes! Those prices made me carefully consider if it was "worth" driving or not... But $1.92 would be a nice price to pay too;) Glad you had a safe trip Joh!