Sunday, October 1, 2006

Bein' An Auntie...

I have a sister who lives in Florida, a brother who lives in Indiana, another sister who lives in Philadelphia, and two brothers and a sister who live within 10 minutes of my house. "Of course" the ones who live in Florida, Indiana, and Philly all have children and "of course" those who live within 10 minutes of me do not. (Well, there's supposed to be an arrival come March that will live only 5 minutes away!)

But I absolutely looooove being an auntie! To hold a newborn baby and be awed by the fact that a sibling just tripled their responsibilities is amazing! To remember that sibling was the same one who fought with me as a child, bossed me around, made me play "school", "church", and "house" where I was *always* the baby, borrowed my clothing (yes, even my oldest sister couldn't resist taking my nice white shirt:D), and now suddenly has a baby of their own is mind boggling.

I remember the birth of my niece. I was all of 9 years old, and I remember going to the hospital and seeing my sister-in-law in the room holding this baby girl. My first nephew was only hours old when I got to hold him at the grand age of 13. The next baby was when my sister-in-law had a c-section while I was at Bible Institute, and after class I drove over to the hospital to meet my new nephew. Another time I flew into Florida on a Tuesday night and hours later my nephew was born. My most recent nephew I first saw on Thanksgiving of '05. I also have one nephew that was not born into our family, but is loved just as much as the rest of them.

It was a way of life for me to offer to babysit my nephews and niece and spend lots of time with them... that is, until they moved back in August. It's been the strangest feeling not to run over to their house, not to see them in church, not to have them stop by for Sunday dinner. It's been very different to have no toys strewn around our kitchen, computer room, and foyer. I miss playing volleyball with my niece or throwing a football with my nephew. Of course my nephew in Florida I only see a couple of times a year and really take advantage of getting in those snuggle moments when I can:o).

But starting this Friday, I get to babysit my 10 month old nephew every week! Sure, I have to drive an hour, but it's totally worth it! (All aunties should be agreeing at this point!) And, there's a new baby coming to town in '07 (we all are hoping for a girl!)


We just found out that another new one will be joining our Florida family come April!!!!

How exciting! I have a feeling I'll be making a trip to Florida to welcome nephew/niece #8! But that's ok, because I loooove being an auntie!


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh, I am a proud auntie too! Although I almost *never* get to see any of my nieces. Four in Korea, one in Oregon, and one in PA. One more is coming along in the spring out in Oregon, so I am hoping to go out there around that time. :) I think we should all just move back to PA.....I'd be a lot happier (and probably a lot

Michelle said...

Thank you for expressing how much you love to be an Auntie! I know that I love it just as much. I wish we all could live a bit closer to Pa. We are very excited about Phil and Anne and their new baby! I love your blogs as usual! Your such an inspriation to us all.
Love ya sis,
Michelle and Jamey

Happymama said...

Wow, sounds like your family just keeps growing and growing. Isn't that wonderful? I like it when you write about your nieces and nephews. I can tell you adore them all. :o)


Anne said...

Melissa ~ I *still* find it hard to believe that Andy is a dad. When I think about him, I remember the play "No Place To Flee" and the way he, Jeff, and Branson were the intimidating "police":) Isn't it great to be an aunt?;)

Michelle ~ I absolutely love it! Give Jamey Jr. and Bayley-Boo a big hug from Auntie Anne!

Kristi ~ My brother told me the other day that all of my kids are gonna be so young compared to everyone else's kids;). But I look at it as getting to completely enjoy my nephews and niece now without too many interuptions;). I found some baby things last night at Kohl's that I couldn't pass up ~ plus they were on sale and plus I had a coupon! It's so great to be an auntie:o)

Anonymous said...

Anne, I will have to post some pictures of Andy's little girl Olivia for you. :)