Sunday, September 3, 2006


I recently watched my high school graduation video... a recent *find* after not knowing where it was for 5 years;). The first thing I did was laugh when I saw our school choir from 5 years ago... what a difference! The boys were short and the girls had "unique" hairstyles:D.

As I listened to our senior class sing "Oh may all who come behind us find us faithful..." I thought about the fact that most of my class is still faithful. Faithful to the Lord Who saved them, changed them, and gave them direction. I don't know about one of them for sure, if he is saved, but most of the class has stayed true, even after all these years. A good test for any high schooler who says "I'm going to serve the Lord" is just observe if he's in church one year after graduation. Sadly, I've seen too many walk away after graduation. And while I noticed the short boys and the different hairstyles on the girls in the choir, I also noticed the ones who aren't here today. I can't believe that almost every single student that sang in that choir is now graduated (and the last two boys will graduate this year). And while it is sad to see those who have chosen to walk away from God, it's exciting to see those that have stayed faithful.

Bottom Row: Josh Smith, Dan Garcia, & Dave Rettig

Top Row: Josiah Kuenzi, Aron Davies, Sara Dotson (now Street), Anne Hammond, Bobby Pierfy, Matt Beckman & Chris Gable (kneeling)

Josiah is married and is the daddy to Dillon. Matt is married, living in Texas (he's in the Air Force) and is the daddy to two little girls with one on the way. Sara is married in New Jersey. Aron just recently began teaching in a small Christian school in Maryland. Chris is on full time church staff. Dan is at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Bobby graduated from Penn State and has a good job now. Josh is finishing up college right now while going to another Baptist church. Dave lives up north and goes to a Baptist church. I'm finishing up Bible Institute and working full time on church and school staff as I now give back to the school that invested so much in me.

When my class graduated, we were the largest class to graduate (up until that point). I'm so glad I can look back 5 years later and see most of my fellow classmates still keeping on.

"Oh may all who come behind us find us faithful..."


Rebecca said...


I was homeschooled--so the only the one that graduated with me was my twin sister! But as I look back at those that were in the church youth group with me, not very many of them are truly living for the Lord. Sadly, some have really made a mess of their lives.

Praise the Lord that most of your fellow graduates are still living for the Lord!

P.S. I don't know if you were aware that Courtney (of "Courtney's Contemplations") is my cousin. I noticed that you comment on her blog from time to time.

Anne said...

Rebecca ~ I didn't know you were a twin! How fun! There was something else I learned about you from Courtney's that I can't remember now... oh well! Blonde moment:) Oh and yes, I figured out that you and Courtney were cousins... it's fun to keep up with other bloggers and see how they are "connected" with more bloggers... it can get addicting though!

Melissa said...

My old friends! What a great pic. :) The only one I ever see of you guys anymore is Josh Smith. And occasional letters from Sara. Thanks for the memories.

Kay said...

WOW!our class beat yours in size because we graduated with 9 eba students. lol. Its good to see that your class is still going strong! I hope that when i look back in 5 years that mine is too! -Kay-

Melissa said...

hey, just wanted to let you know I have moved my blog to My other one got screwed up, and yeah, I'm bad at all this computer stuff, so if you click on me, it will no longer link to the right profile. Anyways.......have a good day!

Happymama said...

That's a good class picture, and what a neat find after five years. Good memories are wonderful, especially when they have been forgotten for a while.


Anne said...

Melissa ~ Glad you enjoyed "seeing" everybody:o)... thanks for the new link!

Kaysha ~ Ok so you have us beat... by one! Oh well!

Kristi ~ You're right about the good memories:o)