Saturday, September 9, 2006

From The Great Commonwealth of PA.

Just a little post about my wonderful state! The ones in italics are the ones I am most familiar with and often guilty of :o)

You know you’re from Pennsylvania when…

You've never referred to Philadelphia as anything but "Philly." And New Jersey has always been "Jersey."

You refer to Pennsylvania as "PA."

"You guys" is a perfectly acceptable reference to a group of men & women.

You know how to respond to the question "Djeetyet?" (Did you eat yet?)

You learned to pronounce Bryn Mawr, Wilkes-Barre, Schuylkill, Bala Cynwyd, Duquesne, New Tripoli, Tunkhannock, Punxsutawney, Tamaqua, Susquehanna, Allegheny, and Monongahela.

The first day of buck and the first day of doe season are school holidays. (Not for me, but for a lot of people I knew in school!)

You can use the phrase "fire hall wedding reception" and not even bat an eye.

At least 5 people on your block have electric "candles" in all or most of their windows all year long.

You know what a "Hex sign" is.

You know what a "State Store" is, and your out of state friends find it incredulous that you can't purchase liquor at the mini-mart. (I don't purchase liquor at all, but some things you just know about after reading it in the paper)

You own only three condiments "A-1, Heinz 57 and Heinz ketchup".

Words like "hoagie", "chipped ham", "sticky buns", “pop", "shoo-fly pie", "pierogies" and "pocketbook" actually mean something to you.

You can eat cold pizza (even for breakfast) and know others who do the same. (I've done this lots of times:D)

You know several places to purchase or that serve Scrapple, Summer Sausage (Lebanon Bologna), and Hot Bacon Dressing.

You don't think people from Philly or Pittsburgh talk funny.

You consider an exotic vacation to be a trip to Ocean City, Virginia Beach, or Myrtle Beach. (I know better than that;)

You think very little of an Amish buggy on the road.

You learned long ago how to "step carefully" around the buggy tie-ups in the supermarket parking lot.

You can go 2 weeks in winter without sunshine and think this is normal.

You know that Blue Ball, Intercourse, Climax, Bird-in-Hand, Virginville, Paradise, Mars, and Slippery Rock are all PA towns.

There is no such thing as a "Philly Cheesesteak". It's just called a "Cheesesteak."

You not only have heard of Birch Beer, but you know that it comes in several colors: Red, Blue, White, Brown, and Gold.

You know what REAL potpie is.

Your turkey has "filling," not "stuffing," and most certainly, NOT "dressing."

You consider Pittsburgh to be "out west," and you know the fastest way to Philly is the Turnpike.

When it snows, they put cinders on the roads instead of sand.

You know that a green pepper is not a pepper at all but a "mango".

You have an uncontrollable urge to buy bread and milk when you hear the word "snow." (I don't; but almost everyone else does and then traffic gets all messed up because it *might* snow!)

You live within two miles of a plant that makes potato chips, corn chips, pretzels, candy, or ice cream, or that packages turkeys, beans, or bologna.

You can stop along the road to buy fruits, vegetables, or crafts on the "honor system."

You know that chicken corn soup from a fire house is the most nearly perfect food on earth.

You say things like, "Outen the lights," "I'm calling off today," and "They're calling for snow."

You've heard of distelfinks and hex signs.

You only buy your soda by the case.

You think the roads in any other state are smooth. (I know it's true! I can always tell I'm in PA, not by the "Welcome to Pennsylvania" sign, but by the "ba-bum, ba-bum, ba-bum" sound from the roads!)

Hearing horses clopping down a paved street doesn't bring you to the window to see what's going on outside.

You never see any Confederate Flags, except on the Gettysburg Battlefield.

You prefer Hershey's Chocolate to Godiva.

School closings due to snow take the radio stations a half an hour to finish, because just about every town has its own school district.(This was always bad because invariably, I missed my school by about 2 letters, so I had to wait for them to read the entire list again before I found out if school was closed or not! 45 minutes later, I usually found out we were off and went back to bed... what a morning!)

Frequently go "with," e.g., "You going to the market? Mind if I come with?"

Refer to something as "a whole nother," e.g., "That's a whole nother issue."

You REALLY HATE antiquers. On Sunday mornings you would scream "Go back to Jersey!" at least once on the way to church. (Maybe not antiquers, but definitely Sunday afternoon drivers on Tuesday.... argh!)

You know the expression, "Hey naw! Watchya dewin'?"

You love the Phillies (unless they stink) in which case you love the Orioles (unless they stink) in which case you solemnly swear that you've never even liked the Phillies or the Orioles, but have always been a Penn State fan.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Pennsylvania. :o)


Rachel said...

You could say this one is true too, with Hatfield right down the road...

You live within two miles of a plant that makes potato chips, corn chips, pretzels, candy, or ice cream, or that packages turkeys, beans, or bologna.

This made me laugh out loud!

Abbi said...

This is hysterical...from a born and bred "PA" Girl!

I was incredulous the first time I went to Florida and saw alcohol sold in the GROCERY STORES!

And there was a horse and buggy "parked" in the alley behind our house on Tuesday...complete with "droppings"...eeww!

Scott teases me all the time about the "sentences ending in prepositions" thing.

Too funny! These are SO true!

katina said...

How hilarious! I didn't even realize that some of these things are out of the ordinary, like..."that's a whole nother story". I guess that is our own "accent" or "slang"! How funny...I suppose I'm "dutchy" through and through! :)

Anne said...

Rachel ~ The funny thing was I sat there saying there wasn't anything near by... whoops! Forgot about them;)

Abbi ~ I know what you mean! Last summer my sister and I were walking through Publix and I saw the alcohol aisle and was completely dumbfounded. I couldn't believe that was allowed in grocery stores... all the people standing nearby heard me talk on and on about how strange it was, and I sure got a lot of "duh" looks: as if to say "where else would it be sold?".

Katina ~ I agree! It goes to show we can't deny being PA girls;)

Anne said...
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Melissa said...

I love PA! My sister, one of my brothers, and I have all moved away from Pennsylvania, and the biggest thing we miss (besides our family) is the incredible food! Mmmmm, cheesesteaks, hoagies, pierogies, apple butter, shoofly pie, lebanon bologna, stuffed peppers, bacon dressing, birch beer, and yummy Hershey chocolate! Okay, great, just made myself hungry. :) I have this list posted on my myspace blog, and no one really understands it. Anyways, yay for PA! By the way, I am also a cold pizza tastes weird hot! :)

AMarylandGirl said...

Anne, I'm not from "PA" but I definitely agree about the roads!! I'm always happy to get back to the MD roads!

Happymama said...

LOL, those were cute, Anne. :) That helps me to understand you better. LOL


Anne said...

Melissa ~ You did a good job of making ME hungry too! But at least I can access all that food;). Yum, my mom just made shoofly pie:D

Julie ~ I figured I would get at least one person to agree with me on the roads! I think the best state I've ever driven through was probably North Carolina!

Kristi ~ I'm glad this helped! If nothing else, it brings a smile to the face:o)