Saturday, October 7, 2006

My Kind Of Day...

Aren't the autumn colors so pretty?!? I noticed the trees planted close to a nearby store are dropping their leaves and changing color. It was so pretty to see! I had such an enjoyable day today ~ having no responsibilities or schedules to be mindful of. Instead, I got to browse through the local Goodwill store and walk away with a few bargains. One bargain was a game called Rummikub which I got for $1.97. I've played it at the Spang's house lots of times and even at Winter Camp once. It's a lot of fun and for less than 2 bucks:)

Then I found a skirt for $4.00 that is very similar in style to Hannah Lise,
the same style that the girls in school are wearing as part of the standardized dress code. This is a real blessing to me, for I couldn't afford the skirts at $25.00 a piece, but I did want another khaki/taupe skirt to use for school. Now to find a similar black skirt...:)

My third bargain of the day was finding a nice shirt for my mom and it also happened to be a Christopher & Banks
which is always a nice perk:D She seemed to like it, so hopefully it'll work for her. That's the one problem shopping for the person when they're not there; you don't always know about size and style. But I have a pretty good track record for picking up shirts for Mom so I'm not too concerned;).

My fourth bargain goes to show the Lord has a sense of humor! Just this morning, I switched out all of my spring/summer clothing and replaced it with fall/winter clothes. I happened to glance at a long-sleeved shirt and with a sigh put it in the bag to give away because the shirt never really fit me to begin with, but I just liked it, so I kept it around anyway. I only wore it around the house because it was too *frumpy* for anywhere else. So as I meandered up and down the aisles of the Goodwill, I happened upon the long-sleeve shirt rack and saw the exact same shirt I had at home! The only difference was it was a size smaller and it fit me perfectly:D. I silently smiled to myself, and realized God is always blessing me even when I don't deserve it. What are the *odds* that I would see that shirt today, of all days? It just goes to show that my hands need to be empty in order for Him to fill them.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at an unhurried pace, which if you know me, is rare! I even got to enjoy a movie I got out of the library. I've owned "Part 2" for some time, but never realized it was "Part 2". But after watching "Part 1" today, a lot of "Part 2" makes sense now:o). (I can already hear Tiffany say, "excuse my blonde friend.... she's a little slow!").

With a new strand of white lights intermingled with ivy on my bookcase, and a carmel apple candle burning while "Walking Through The Flames" softly fills the air, I am completely satisfied with my day and am ready for Sunday. Pastor's doing a series on "Eternal Security" and I'm sure "Part 2" will be a blessing... especially since I've already heard "Part 1";).

Happy Sunday!


Anonymous said...

I just love shopping at thrift stores, so yay for your good deals! And I have definitely noticed the beautiful fall colors...except they mean that winter is on the way. :( Sounds like a very relaxing day, just like Saturday should be. Anyways, the girls at EBA have a standarized dress code now?!? Guess I've been gone a while.....

Anne said...

Actually all the kids at EBA do now... it started this year and it is sooo much easier:o)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes when I am visiting my sister in Bowmanstown, she takes me to a Salvation Army Thrift Store in Allentown (I think). Have you ever been to that store? It is quite large. We've found a few things there.

Happymama said...

Sounds like you had a great bargain filled day! I love days like that.

You mentined Walking Through the Flames. Is that the one that starts out saying, "My name is Shadrach, I've been standing for God's Word....?" We have a group at our church that sings that one and I was just wondering if that was the same one you were referring to.


Anne said...

Rebecca ~ I've been meaning to go over there, but somehow the opportunity never comes up for me:)

Kristi ~ Actually this song is found on Mac & Beth Lynch's CD "Thanks Be To God" from the Wilds in South Carolina. It starts out with "Many years ago, in a time of woe, three young men faced a bitter test..." The ensemble group I'm in sang it as a special a couple of years ago, and it just thrills me that God will take care of us, including in the fire!