Monday, November 27, 2006

Saving Her A Rant.

Before my sister-in-law Kim complains to me about not posting pictures of her kids :o), I think I'll post and save her a rant;).

This is probably my favorite picture of Trevor, for it is so typical of him! It's absolutely adorable the way he has his chin resting so nicely in his hand:D

Don't you love candid shots that catch you with your mouth open because you were talking when you thought the person behind the camera really wasn't going to take a picture.... yeah, that's what happened here. My friend (who shall remain nameless:D) couldn't get her camera working and then she was having problems turning it on and meanwhile Tiana and I were just sitting there. Tiana's look is one of "please take the picture" while mine is one of "you're not really going to take that picture, are you?" I suppose this is aunt-niece bonding...

This girl is Kelita who goaded me into wrestling on the living room floor. I figured we were both modest so I would share the picture:o). Kelita is a 15 year old girl who has three brothers and a dad and she just lost her mom last year. Kelita provided some very humerous moments for me for she was feisty, boisterous, and a big talker. The only reason why I got goaded into wrestling was because she insisted she could take me down. I was planning on minding my own business (read: go to the store like I planned), but then she came along and stole my sneaker. I was not about to go out into the cold November air (much less a store!) with one sneaker on or worse, dress shoes with culottes! Uh-uh! So I gave in to Kelita and put her down and we both had a good time;).

This is a happy Hammond family if I ever saw one! It's my own dumb fault for not taking a picture earlier in the week, like right after Sunday morning services. Nooo, I waited until 15 minutes before we left to go home to get a family photo. Apparently we wore them all out (except for Jack... he had nothing to do all week besides sleep, eat, and work;)...kidding!) so that's why their not exactly looking their best. But like it or lump it, this is my Indiana family.

And hopefully, I saved my sister-in-law a rant ;).


Happymama said...

LOL, glad you saved her a rant. Thanks for sharing the pictures. And is it typical of Trevor to lie under furntiure? LOL


Anne said...

Heeheehee:o) I should've explained. Trevor and I were playing "hide" and he was "hiding" from me. He loves to walk around and say, "Where's Auntie Anne? Is she in the closet? Nooo!!! Is she under the bed? Nooo!!! Is she under the blankets? Ahhhhh!!!" and that's when he lifts up the blanket and I scare him;). He absolutely loves it so in this case, I found him rather quickley;)