Friday, November 24, 2006

I Did One Today.

I realize it's been a while since I've done a post about doing my dumb thing of the week, but don't worry! I have been maintaining my dumb things for the week by actually doing them; I just haven't blogged about them;).

Today's might not appear as dumb as some other ones I've done in the past (go here if you want to know what I'm talking about!), but it was pretty silly. Two girls and I were decorating the large chapel/Learning Center school room/fellowship hall/Sunday school classroom/etc. today for Christmas. All we did was drape some garland at the top of the walls all around the room and then put garland and lights on some stair banisters. It sounds simple, but it wasn't!

You see, we originally started on the one wall just pinning and draping, pinning and draping. But then I looked at the 5 swags we had done and realized that they weren't even. Well, that drove me nuts to no end so Sarah offered to run home and get a tape measure so we could measure the walls and garland and figure out how much drape and swag we would need to make everything look even. It was quite the production.

So we had everything measured out and our in-house mathematician (read: Amanda) did the math and figured out the specific drape and the specific swag. It was very scientific which is kinda odd that *I* suggested it because I am anything but math and science!

Sarah climbed up on one of the student's desk and pinned the first one. When she was satisfied that it was held securely, she started to climb off the desk... and managed to fall backwards with the desk falling on her leg since it was so wobbly. Amanda and I alternated laughing and being sympathetic, because it was funny to see Sarah fall backwards with her arms flaring and her saying "ahhhhhhhh" but we also knew she was hurt. So after making sure she was *ok*, we continued on with me saying, "I'm glad that wasn't me!"

It must've been 5 minutes later when I was on a desk and pinning the garland up. After I was satisfied that it was held securely, I started to climb off the desk.... and managed to fall backwards with my arms flaring and me saying, "ahhhhhhhh!!!". Sarah and Amanda alternated between laughing and being sympathetic because it was funny!!!!


Anonymous said...

It is funny reading it.Did Amanda try to put the garland up? You can say like Anne Shirley "That's the one good thing about me.I never do the same wrong thing twice."

Anne said...

Amanda was probably the smartest one of us all by staying on the floor and handing us the push pins! I've used that Anne Shirley quote countless times:)