Monday, January 8, 2007

There She Goes!

Rachel has been a friend for years and we've done some tame and not-so-tame things together over the last few years:

(Anne & Rachel ~ Lock Ridge Park ~ April 2005)

(Anne, Rachel, Hannah, & Melissa ~ Old Country Buffet ~ August 2005)

(Anne, Becky, Rachel, & Sarah ~ Bloomsburg Fair ~ September 2006)

(Jen, Rachel, Anne, & Raichelle ~ Trading Post ~ October 2006)

(Anne & Rachel ~ Fiesta Ole ~ January 2007)

Rachel is embarking on an exciting trip around 2 AM Tuesday morning and will be heading out to Thailand. It's been neat to watch this whole trip be put together by the Lord, from the time she e-mailed me while I was in Indiana all the way up to last night as we girls gathered at Fiesta Ole to send her off with a rousing night of fun memories and even some musical entertainment as well:o).

Make sure you check her Asia blog (just one question Rach ~ are you going to start an Australia blog, an African blog, and a European blog too?!?:D) as she journeys on this exciting trip to Thailand. It'll be a little quieter around here ~we have experience with her 6-week trip to Chile and 3-month trip to South Africa~ but we know she's going to be right where God wants her!

So until June (when we see her smiling face in person again!) we'll keep up to date with her by e-mail and her blog.... Have a great trip Rach!

Edited later ~ Rachel will certainly have a "story" to post, for hers was not your typical day-at-the-airport! Stay tuned to hear just how long it took to get to California!


Anonymous said...

Aawwwwww....thanks! I feel so loved! ;o)

And can you tell that I am procrastinating since I haven't started actually packing yet? I just know that I will be so excited as the hour draws closer, so I'm leaving myself plenty of things to stay diverted. Let's just hope I don't forget anything important! :S For now it's off for the last trip to Wally World! :D

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, :( It's always hard to see a friend go. But you have the right attitude about it and God will bless her on her trip and He'll bless you too through her.


Anonymous said...

Aw, what great pics!! Friends are wonderful, aren't they. Praying Rachel has a safe trip!!

PS! Hope you don't mind me adding a link to your blog in my blogroll ;)

Anonymous said...

Anne, your hair is LONG! It looks really good. :)