Tuesday, January 9, 2007

An Important Date (Or Two).

*Drum Roll Please!*

I've been waiting for this for a very long time.

I've prayed about it for a long time too.

And have even shed a few tears of frustration over it.

But now, that's all going to change.

God has worked it all out so wonderfully and I truly give HIM all the praise and glory for what He has done in my life.

I have a date set!

Yes, I know.

Many of you who know me in person aren't going to believe it when I tell you the date is June 2nd, but that's how God worked it out for us:)

And before my friends shriek with happiness and I get rushed at the next church service with congratulatory hugs and whispers of "I knew it!", I should let you know that it would only be fair to congratulate somone else too. After all, I'm not in this alone, and have not put in as much time, tears, and prayers into it as they have.

There still is so much that has to be done, but it will all be pulled together, I have no doubt.

So save the date if you can!

June 2nd, 2007 will be a very special date for me for many years to come.

We found out today and it's official:

Jen B. and I are going to graduate from Lehigh Valley Baptist Bible Institute!!!

Be prepared to come and celebrate with us as it has been a very long 6 years for me and even longer for Jen... but in true Baptist style, we are having a party in honor of this occasion:).

There! And if anybody was thinking my special date was anything else, well, you can be sure I wouldn't let you know about it that way on my blog;).

Two more special dates are happening in my life in March and May (hopefully). Little Ethan Philip is supposed to make his grand arrival on March 25th and we're thrilled to have a nephew nearby again.

Another special event is planned for May and I am tickled pink with the fact that a little baby girl is supposed to come join our family on the 29th. It has been 15 years since there has been a girl born to our family, so this little bundle is following after six boy cousins:o).

And those are the important dates to me:o) Stay tuned for pictures to eventually come when the events actually take place;).


Abbi said...

Oh you are too much, Anne! I have to say that you really do have the "announcement lingo" down! I think you included every single "line" that one uses when announcing an engagement!

And congrats to your sister! How nice for them. Another boy would have been nice, but it IS extra-special to have at least one of each, in my opinion!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Anne! Graduating is great!!

Anonymous ;-)

Happymama said...

Congratulations on your upcoming GRADUATION, you stinker! :) I was reading this thinking, Didn't she just post about her getting married in God's time a couple of posts ago?? Wow, God's time sure came up quick! LOL

Anyway, congrats on the graduating to you and your friend Jen. I'm really happy for you. It takes a lot of hard work before you can be honored that special day. I'm happy for you. Full speed ahead!!


Tiffany said...

Yea!!! For both of you! How exciting, I hope I am here for it. My parents are renewing their vows for their 25th. Their anniversary is May 29th so I am not 100% sure when it is going to be.