Sunday, March 18, 2007

I'm Just Curious...:o)

Create your own Friend Test here

Go ahead and try it!!! All you have to do is answer the questions that I wrote out and select the answer that you think is right. Once you're done, click "submit" and see you results! Thanks to Rachel Marie for the link:o). Have fun!


Abbi said...

Yeah, well, apparently I don't know you very well, b/c I only got a 46%!

I hope you are going to give us the correct answers eventually. Because I think some of them were trick questions.

Anne said...

Don't worry Abbi, I'll be giving the answers in another post:o)... eventually!

I started BI *live* tonight so with two courses and homework in each (plus trying to finish Tabernacle with Jen!), life is gearing up again to high speed! But I'll share the answers;o)

Rachel said...

Boohoo!!! I have tried taking this about six times since you posted it, and it won't let me! Every time I hit 'submit' it takes me back to the home page of the site and doesn't record my answers.

Sorry! :o) I guess we could just call it even and say I know you best! ;) Ha....right!