Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's All About The Food.

I will be posting the answers from the last post soon, but first, here's another Anne-moment brought to you by (who else?) Anne:o).

So, it's been a couple of weeks (months???) since I did a post on doing stupid things. But there's no need to panic because I am a blonde, a klutz, and a Hammond which means there's no lack of material:o). My latest stint happened Sunday night...

Pastor Hammett finished preaching early (I was home by 7:45... 7:45!!!), which afforded me a quiet rest of the evening. After making a cheese dip (the absolute best! and it only has 3 ingredients too!), I gathered up my Bible, notebook, a book lent to my by a friend, purse, water bottle, chips, and cheese dip and headed for the stairs. Being the ever-conscious conserver of electricity, I turned off all the lights downstairs (except for the stove light) and headed for the stairs, which were also light-less.

As I walked up the stairs carefully balancing everything (including the cheese dip which was very warm and smelled very good!) I was on the 10th step when my slippery church shoes went out from under me and I started to go doooooown the stairs.

All the way.

To the bottom.

I shrieked as I went down, not because I was falling, but because I was afraid of the glass dish of cheese dip falling on my head (priorities here people!). As I stood up at the very bottom of the stairs, I approached the light switch with disappointment since I was sure the cheese dip would be everywhere and I wouldn't get to enjoy it.

So imagine my great delight when I noticed the dish resting peacefully on the second step with almost all the contents in the dish. Yippee! And the three marks on the wall didn't bother me too much as I quickly wiped them up because, after all, the dip was saved! (In case you can't tell, I'm not one of those girls who feels she can't eat more than 2.3 celery sticks).

And that, my friends, is my latest embarrassing story! I'm sure in the not-to-distant-future this story will be overtaken by an even greater and more embarrassing story. Until then, I remain bruised on the left leg and sore from the unexpected trip:o).


Happymama said...

LOL, Anne, Anne, Anne....Where is your guardian angel when you need him??? LOL


Rachel said...

Tooooooo funny! I could just imagine this happening too. :)

Good old cheese dip. That sounds really good about right now!

Robert said...

At least you fell DOWN the stairs this time.Glad you didn't hurt yourself too much.Just wondering if you are left-handed? Was the cheese dip good?

Katina said...

How funny!!! I am sooo glad your dip was not lost....that would have been a true disaster! :) At least you are bruised and still have your cheese dip, and not cheese dip-less! It would be such a pity to not have your food! ;)

It's really bad...when Noah goes to sleep I feel I need something "good" (ie. good tasting, not good for me). Sometimes he spits up after I put him down so I have to go up and take care of that. So, guess what...after he's in bed for the second time, I feel I need another "good" snack....it's a terrible cycle if he has an upset tummy...not at all good for the postpartum Mom! :)

I can identify with your moment of "cheese dip triumph". So, so funny!

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

LOL!!! The cheese dip would have been my main concern too. :)

Anne said...

The cheese dip *was* good and tasted so much better as a result of it having sustained a fall;o).

And yes, Robert, I am left-handed with the exception of writing with my right hand!