Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Nothing At Stake?

Every morning a choice you must make
Should you make time for Bible and prayer;
You may think nothing much is at stake,
God prob'bly wouldn't even meet you there.

Extra sleep you could surely use.
Or time to get some housework done;
Or just maybe you should choose,
To laugh, play, and have some fun.

But you see not the Lord standing near,
Longing to meet you each day;
You do not see that quivering tear
As away from your Saviour you stay.

You'll miss what God has for you
By not taking time for the Lord;
Trials you may go through
To get you back into His Word.

But if you will take time for God,
He will surely meet with you;
Then no matter what path you may trod,
He will walk with you, too.

(This poem was written by a student at EBA and I have her permission to post it here... some good thoughts to ponder.)


Robert said...

The poem does give you something to think about.

Rachel Marie said...

Wow, Anne, that poem is very well-written, and very convicting! Thanks for posting!!!